Product Update: HR Letters & Templates

February 21, 2016

When one searches for HR terms on Google, one of the top searched requirements is often 'HR Letter & Templates'. People regularly look for routine templates of HR letters such as appointment letters, offer letters, termination letters, and the list goes on. This same trend of searching for templates of HR letters was observed in requests for new features coming from you, our customers. A lot of you asked us to provide some functionality which gives ready templates for HR operational usage, so that you don't need to search for them online. So, we heard your feedback and went a step further - we're not just providing you with an extensive library of templates with various HR letters, but also automating the whole process of generating these letters, by providing seamless integration with your HR data.

Unlike the HR Analytics feature, the HR letters & templates module is a conventional but a much overdue feature which simply saves time and effort.

The requirement is quite simple and very common. I've personally had to several times search online for different templates or letter formats in certain situations when I need to draft official HR documents for employees. So, this requirement was resonating with everyone's needs. Though we took a lot of time to build it, I'm happy we've finally launched the HR letters & templates module.

What to expect from the HR Letters module?

Template LibraryWe've hand-crafted tens of HR letter templates to help you save time looking-up or searching for these letter templates online. Of course, this library will be constantly updated with more and more templates of HR documents, letters, forms etc, as we learn from your feedback.

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Letterhead ManagementYou can either customize the letter margins (top, sides and bottom) as per your pre-printed letterheads or even upload your images for the header and footer which can be printed/appended to the HR letters which you generate on the system.

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Automated PlaceholdersWith sumHR, you'll have a powerful set of preset fields which will be automatically included in the letter as per your requirement, eliminating the need to memorize, check, or verify the important fields being printed/appended in the letter content. These automated placeholders include employee data like first name, last name, office location, date of birth, date of hire, date of exit, job title, department, etc.

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I hope this feature brings more utility to your HR processes and improves your experience on sumHR! Our aim is to provide you with an end-to-end solution for your HR challenges, so that you don't have to take the trouble of searching for HR letters and templates for important documentation.

If you have any queries regarding the HR letters & templates module, feel free to contact your Account Manager or drop an email on

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