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HR Drive for document & company data management
Files, docs, images in employee profiles or exchanged during leave applications or submitted for expense claims, everything automatically organized into a cohesive structure, and presented for your convenience, under your HR Drive system.
Features for a smooth life
Company-wide file storage

A single storage system across the company for easy access to view and retrieve important HR documents. No more local storage or external hard-drives required, simply upload and forget about it until you need it next time for the best possible company data management.

Auto-storing of system files

Documents shared in the course of HR operations get filed automatically into relevant folders. For eg. if it's a medical certificate from a leave application, you'll find it in the Leaves folder. You sit back while we'll organize it for you.

Mini-drive per employee

Empower each employee with their own little HR drive. Give them space to store their own HR documents. Not just that, every file they share with you during their HR interactions, all of it gets auto-stored in a neatly organized folder system.

Share by employees

What is a storage system if you don't have an option to share?
Create folders or upload files and freely share it with one or many specific employees. Some smooth company data management on your way.

Mobile-drive access

Feel the power of our mobile-app with your entire HR drive, right in your pocket! Create new folders, store new files or share what's already in there with whoever you'd like to. Can't get more convenient than this!

Essential features
Controlled sharing options

As administrators, HR department can control who can share and who can view-only. Maintain the sanctity of the important data stored in your HR drive by ensuring sharing is limited and available for authorized personnel only.

Mark favourites

If you're referring back to certain files frequently or need a copy of a form retrieved every now and then, don't worry about saving it on your desktop. Simply mark it as a favourite and we'll keep it on top, for your easy noticeability.

Multi-level foldering

When your HR data includes dated items or chronological/categorized information, there is often a need to store it in a particular structure. Use our multi-level folders options to create granular folder structures as per your needs.

Share by groups

While some files may require to be shared with specific employees, what about files that need to be shared with a whole department or a particular office location itself? That's easy-peasy too! Just click, select the group and share!

File sharing alerts

You don't need to call someone to inform them that you've emailed them a file. Just head to your HR drive, add the file and share with whoever you wanted to. We'll take care of alerting the persons to ensure they don't miss it.

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