Track attendance & time off

Track attendance like clockwork

A time & attendance management software that ensures accurate time tracking of your workforce. With a web-based time clock, biometric integrations, and even mobile attendance system, give your employees a worry-free attendance tracking experience with a comprehensive attendance solution to achieve your business goals.

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Attendance policy rules for every need and size of business

We understand your need to track the time you're paying for, especially when it comes to employee's attendance. Our powerful configurations will let you create comprehensive time tracking and time-off/leave policies that align with your needs.
WFH or Out-duty options - Enable/disable and set limits for both
Reduce absenteeism -
Track absence, trigger leaves on unauthorized absence
Break tracking:
Keep a check on breaks employees take
Improve punctuality:
Set limits and deductions on repeated latecomers
Employee hours:
Track work hours, set the required work duration threshold
Calculation of overtime with shift duration

Online attendance with cloud-payroll integration

Manually supervising multiple attendance policies may result in payroll errors and delay attendance inputs for payroll. To ensure timely payroll processing, you need real-time attendance data. This is why we've designed a self-service portal for employees to update missed punches through an attendance regularization workflow to ensure attendance muster generation happens on time. Automatic sync of complete attendance logs via our cloud attendance software, including detailed overtime breakup, settlement of time off requests, deducting paid and unpaid leaves, prior to running payroll. If you wish, you can also configure exception policies and get consolidated attendance reports before running payroll.

WFH or out-duty, track attendance wherever it's clocked

Today, the attendance pattern is different in many businesses.  Most businesses work on a hybrid model allowing employees to choose their daily attendance preference. It doesn't matter where employees work from as long as they have a time clock available to track time at work. While you focus on helping employees do their job, you may not have the resources to keep track of time. This is where our attendance solutions will ensure accurate attendance tracking for on-premise as well as remote teams via a variety of attendance device types.
Work from home policy
Out-duty tracking
Clock-in methods (web, biometric, mobile)

Not just a shift planner, we built you a time machine

If you've got a roster that spans multiple shifts and time-zones, and scheduling shifts has always scared your wits then you can sleep worry-free now. Our shift planner feature gives you excellent flexibility to not only plan future shift scheduling but also make changes to past errors or shift assignments. Now, you have a time-machine that'll give you the power to juggle rosters without breaking a sweat
Single shift (day or night)
Single day multi shift
Back-up shifts
sumHR allows my team to work on more creative, innovative and people-focused HR practices while it takes care of automating all the administrative HR processes. My favorite is the super-supportive team - always at your beck and call, with a smile.
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We're a perfect match for your biometric attendance devices

Whatever may be your attendance capture mechanism, sumHR's got integrations with (almost) all biometric attendance systems out there. Not just that, as Admins, you get a dashboard to manage multiple attendance hardware devices deployed across different locations and sync all logs on real-time integration. Run payroll processes without any hassle or human errors with biometric integrations that ensure your biometric devices in the office are tracked from a central location and have integration with payroll.
RFID card readers
Fingerprint scanners
Facial recognition devices
Access control machines

Plot them on a map, not on a sheet. Capture attendance by location.

Paid add-on
GPS has definitely revolutionized how we live, travel, and look at maps. But having a GPS-linked time clock on your mobile has its own benefits. Our HR software has GPS features that will record real-time attendance on-the-go for remote locations, client locations, or even a single location. Allow employees to experience flexibility by moving from one location.
GPS location
Anti-spoofing detection

Everyone deserves a break, make it simpler to take.

Besides employee attendance management, human resource teams are also custodians of leave tracking. Help your employees maintain a healthy lifestyle and a fair balance between work and what makes them happy. You don't need detailed reports and spreadsheets to track vacations anymore. Now you can provide an employee portal with accurate leave balance, annual holiday calendars, lists of national or public or optional holidays, or finding colleagues on leave - applications, notifications, and approvals - make it simple, not awkward.
Earned leave
Medical leave
Parental leave
Sabbatical vacation
...and many more

Policies for work-life-balance, not leave balance.

Implementing leave policies that balance management objectives with employee expectations isn't easy. You have to consider payroll components, overtime policies, productivity loss with employee absence, project and labour costs, staff requirement per month, manager approval workflows, and not to mention, tracking leave credits accurately. That's why we've made ample room for your flexibility so that you can not only meet your goals without focusing on the math but also keep your team excited about taking leaves. With unpaid leaves by default linked with your payroll module, you can rest assured that the process from time clock to time to pay, will go smooth.
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