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Holiday and leave management
Help your employees maintain a healthy lifestyle and a fair balance between work and whatever else that makes them happy.
Features for a smooth life
Unlimited holiday plans in one holiday tracking software.

One size doesn't fit all, similarly not all holidays are meant for everyone. That's why, we've kept no restrictions on the number of holiday plans you can create. Make as many plans, just ensure every comes back to work the next day!

Tailor-made custom leaves

If your ideas for a leave policy don't fit within our presets, that's totally fine too! We won't limit your creativity. Feel free to custom-build your unique leave policy using a wide variety of configurations at your disposal.

11 preset leave types

Having spent several years in the HR tech industry, we've learnt the variety of needs that come with every different organization. That's why, we've provided an extensive presets of types of leaves that would cover almost every requirement.

Location specific holidays

So many things change with geography, especially with respect to holiday tracking software. If you've got a distributed team across different locations, use our special features to create location specific holidays because a 4th of July may mean everything in US but nothing much in India.

Optional holidays on approvals

The ability to choose their own holiday plans is an excellent way to improve employee satisfaction. But work distributions can go for a toss, if you're not expecting holiday absences in advance. Enter our optional holiday approval workflows!

Leave ledger

An industry first, and definitely something you've never seen before - a leave ledger! Everything related to leaves organized like a bank statement with credit/debit transactions. Keep all leave activities as clear and detailed as possible.

Essential features
Optional & mandatory holidays

Having a diverse team is great and inspirational. But creating diversity also brings unique challenges for HR teams. Keep things fair and flexible by creating carefully curated holiday plans that combine race, regions and nationality.

Recycle holiday calendars

Calendars are annual, and so will your holiday plans be. Why copy paste the same holidays every year, again and again, right? Simply enable our auto-repeat feature and sumHR will handle the reptitions. Save the time for something meaningful.

Common leaves

We understand your company's leaves will vary based on local laws or regional norms. To help sumHR adapt to your needs, we've provided immensely flexible policy rules for leaves like earned, medical, maternity or paternity leaves, and more.

Special leaves

Some days are special right? Not only common leave types, but we have also made provision for you to give employees some extra love in the form of Special Leaves, such as Birthday, Anniversary, Sabbatical, Vacation and more.

Leave history calendar

Get a quick view of your employees' leaves across the year, in a compact calendar view for easy reference. You can trace back their annual leave history, use it for reference or may be to predict future leaves too!

Leave credit/debit adjustments

HR teams in growing organizations are bound to face situations that require backdoor adjustments, especially with leaves. Use our handy feature to manually debit or credit leaves whenever you wish, add a note to remind you of the reason.

Bulk upload leave applications

If several of your employees missed the bus and didn't update their leave applications at the right time, you can do it in bulk on their behalf. A simple spreadsheet with dates, reason and status, will do the trick without breaking your back.

Extensive leave reports

Whether at payroll time or when you're simply analyzing leave usage across your company, our extensive library of leave reports will serve you well. Find several reports categorising important leave data points from all types of leave policies.

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