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360° performance reviews
You can identify strengths, latent skills, undiscovered challenges and also realize roadblocks that otherwise went unattended. Give your teams the tool to blossom and grow, as they nourish each others' performance chart.
Features for a smooth life
Truly 360° feedback

Establish a wholesome feedback system that completes the circle of reviews, each employees deserve it. So many advantages of a 360° performance review system can truly transform the way your team looks at their own and others' performances.

Multi-manager reviews

Every employee definitely has one manager, even the CEO (has investors). Though not advisable, some even have 2 or more managers. We've made room for everyone, so you can add multiple managers to review an employee, primary or secondary.

Peer reviews

Sometimes, the best advice can come from friends at work in other departments. Give a chance to equal or at-par peers of an employee to share their feedback and help them grow. Peer performance reviews can do great things, if you open doors for it.

Free-select reviewers

Add anyone across organization as a reviewer to any employee's performance assessment. Within a few simple steps, you can specify reviewers who may be unrelated to the employee's team or department but may be worked with them on a project.

Upward reviews of managers

"People don't leave jobs, they leave bad managers" - that's why it's equally important to get managers reviewed by their reports, as much as the other way round. Use our upward-review features to do just that, and help your managers improve.

Conduct ad-hoc reviews

At times, you may want to conduct surprise reviews or get unplanned feedback about someone's performance. Whenever that time comes, know that we've made arrangements for you. You can easily launch ad-hoc reviews for your choice of participants.

Essential features
Self-assessment with unique due dates

Performance reviews without including self-assessments can leave a big void in the review process. Use our flexible options to empower employees to assess their own performance and help them realize where they stand in their own eyes.

Skip participants

In many review cycles there may be guest participants obligated to review only on need basis. This very realistic scenario prompted us to include the option for you to skip specific participants from a review, as and when you require.

Skip ratings

If a reviewer in a particular review cycle is only meant to offer subjective inputs, their ratings could wrongly influence the final results. This situation can be easily handled using our nifty option to simply skip ratings.

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