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Multi-purpose HR Checklist system
We've created a simple yet powerful HR Checklist system which empowers you to create checklists of activities at specific milestones in the employee's journey in your organization.
Features for a smooth life
Multi-purpose customizable checklists

Create HR checklists for variety of HR processes like Onboarding or Exit of an employee, Training for promotion eligibility, activities for enabling an employee's transfer from one office to another, and many such scenarios.

Checklists for onboarding

Customize the onboarding experience of employees from different departments based on their unique requirements. If marketing wants an office tour while the engineering team decides to include a quiz, you can easily make it happen.

Auto-triggered checklists

Automate several of your checklist based processes using our intelligent triggers. We've provided a set of options based on most common milestones in a regular HR setup, so that you can simply set once and sit back thereafter.

Multifaceted activities

Spruce up your checklists with a variety of activities, opening up the scope of engagement on otherwise mundane processes. Create tasks, include the CEO's message, add a video, include your company's blog link or request document submissions.

Enforce document upload

Need your employees to fill a physical form or sign an agreement and share a soft-copy? This feature will come handy to help you achieve that goal, without having to keep track of it. Enforce employees to upload a doc on this activity.

Assign to multiple employees

Arranging for a laptop may be an IT team members task while making introductions with important persons could be the manager's task. You can assign each activity to a separate individual, making them a co-dependent on the checklist.

Bulk-assignment of checklists

Got HR work happening at scale? Break no sweat, we'll make this smooth for you. Once you've designed the checklist as per your requirement, we've made arrangements for you to be able to assign it in bulk to many employees, at once.

Due-dates for each activity

Ensure every activity doesn't languish in the procrastinators inbox. Add a due date for each activity you include in the checklist to maintain a sense of urgency and also so that employees can aim to finish them in time.

Essential features
Unlimited checklists

It doesn't matter how many processes you wish to automate with checklists, we've got your back. There are no limits on how many checklists you can create, we won't mind if you go overboard with your automation dreams.

Activity completion confirmation

We all know that setting up a process is one thing but ensuring execution is a whole different challenge. To help you ensure employees have followed through on all the activities listed in your checklist, we've included a 'Done' status.


Make tasks as part of your checklist for activities like completing the employee profile data on sumHR or cutting the ribbon to their swanky new desks or even collecting a laptop from someone in the company.

Posts & special messages

Post an inspiring welcome message from the CEO or share a list of instructions/information pertaining to the process for which you're running this checklist. Whatever may be the purpose of your checklist, text can bring context to it.

Audio/video media

Training supported with audio-visual guides that can elevate the learning process. Including a group video of the rest of the team, cheerfully welcome the newbie to their department can make great first impressions.


Include a link to your company's internal Wiki or perhaps a link to the corporate blog. If you'd like to point the owner of a checklist to a resource within or outside sumHR, you can most easily do it through a link insertion.

Files & documents

Upload a doc as part of you checklist to ask employees to complete a related task, like filling a form or may be providing some information back to you in an excel sheet. Attach whatever you'd like to power-up your checklist.

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