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Policy Centre
With sumHR's policy centre, you can rid your employees from the unawareness about your company's HR policies. Let them find the right information without feeling awkward to ask or getting lost in their inbox search results.
Features for a smooth life
Centralized policy centre

No more will you need to dig into folders or search in emails to forward the right copy of that policy doc. Get one centralized location to display all your company's HR policies, for easy reading and quick downloads.

HR Policies by groups

Not every policy is meant for every employee, right? If you've got business units in different regions or departments for niche functions, you can set policies for specific use-cases only visible & applicable to certain groups of your choice.

Multi-purpose usage

Policies are not the only documents you want to ensure employees read or receive. There could be forms, guidelines, etiquettes, best practices for working from home, and more. You can use the policy centre, for this and more.

Automatic FAQs for HRMS

With our self-service access, employees are bound to have many questions about your new HRMS. But we won't burden you with the responsibilities of answering them. sumHR automatically creates FAQ-like policy documents on your behalf.

Categorization of policies

Dumping a load of documents on employees could be counter productive. We've seen this pattern, and that's why, we want to make sure you can present a category-wise view of all policies, organized in a finder-friendly manner.

Essential features
One-window many views

We understand that not all employees need to see every policy or there could be different documents meant for specific departments. That's why we give you complete control to choose, which policy or document is meant for whom.

Unlimited policies

For a growing and diverse organization, there are bound to be umpteen number of policies that need to be put out there to cover all bases. Create and upload as many HR policies you require, we won't be an obstacle in your growth.

Multi-format policy files

Some information may be suitable for PDFs, while you may require a form in an Excel sheet. Similarly, there may also be a Word doc meant for download & edit by employees. Don't worry, we've made room for all 3 file formats for you.

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