Transform your HR journey & employee experience

WOW them with little details, make them happy about their decision to join you. Instill confidence, build loyalty and strengthen their faith in your mission. Build a beautiful employee experience.

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Make great first impressions

Attract talent that matches your culture, hire at speed with an intuitive applicant tracking system, and earn employer brand equity with empathetic candidate communications.

Bring smiles, coming in or going out

Employee experience start to end; put onboarding and offboarding processes on auto-pilot, ensure optimum utilization of IT assets, and reduce handholding with employee-friendly self-service options.

KYC - Know your colleagues

Improve ‘getting to know’ employees with comprehensive profiles, take better HR decisions with richer employee data, and let them identify the hierarchy or climb the ladder.

Build trust with transparency

Enable easy access to all HR policies in one HRMS, keep employees informed on the status of their applications, and improve transparency with a comprehensive Daily Digest.

Let them punch-in at work, or check-in to a vacation

Provide a seamless attendance management system across devices (web/mobile/biometrics), create flexible leave policies to show them you care, and also let them make sweet holiday plans.

Simplify payroll, amplify benefits

Earn a great reputation with on-time payroll every time, let our interface resolve tax queries without you lifting a finger, and offer benefits not with paperwork but with grace.

Settle expenses, faster than they're claimed


Make it easy for employees to claim expenses using the mobile app, entrust them with advance money in a virtual wallet, and create policy rules to auto-approve their routine expenses.


Add HR ops, remove HR obstacles

Become a reliable service provider to your staff. Simplify getting official letters, setup IT/finance/travel helpdesks to facilitate their needs, and bring all their HR docs together.

Align their goals with your vision

Rally everyone around common goals, get an overview of company-wide OKRs that give everyone clarity, and bring accountability with measurable key-results.

Feedback is a two way street,
give some take some

Get fair and holistic reviews across hierarchy levels, show employees which competencies need improvement, and increase frequency of reviews to see faster results.


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