sumHR uses cloud-based infrastructure with scalable technology to offer a world-class human resource, Payroll and Attendance management tool
To put it in layman’s terms – sumHR is a payroll software that is delivered to you over the internet and allows you to customize and upgrade the software as per your needs, without increasing your costs or consuming extra. resources (personnel, power, etc).Traditional HRM software did not address the dynamic needs of a small/medium-sized company. It was installed on the employees’ computers, needed special hardware, and required expensive licenses to upgrade. sumHR is a modern cloud based HRMS software for HR and Payroll solutions. We call it so since it uses cloud-based technology to address the shortcomings faced by HRMS for upcoming companies. All over the world, businesses are using cloud computing to enhance the experience of the end-users and reduce costs.
sumHR is a SaaS-based solution, safely housed in the Amazon’s AWS servers. We use state-of-the-art, 3-level security for data protection. Data stored with us is monitored 24/7 and is placed at three different locations around the world.
sumHR has a scalable architecture, which means you do not have to worry about those irritating software upgrades. The changes are directly made to the server. You can say good bye to the time-consuming upgrades at your premises
sumHR uses world-class coding standards to ensure that users get a top-notch experience when using the HRM software. Coded using Node, ReactJS and built on PostgreSQL.
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