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Orane Internation
With 200+ employees across 16 offices, the Orane International team uses sumHR's approval workflow features to ensure interoperability between managers sitting in different office locations. This has helped them maximize efficiency, reduce paperwork and speed up decisions on all types of HR requests.
Johari Digital
The Johari Digital team tried to sumHR’s Report-Robo feature and instantly found value in it. Now the HR team doesn't spend hours labouring over report work. The Robo takes care of preparing & dispatching of periodic reports to managers & department heads, automatically.
You are truly an extension of my team at Tonetag, and I guess that is the greatest transition a vendor can do. I no longer see you as a vendor but see you as a team member.
Vinay Trivedi
Naffa Innovations
Jobs for Her
Using sumHR's biometric integrations and Attendance Dashboards has helped Jobs for Her's HR teams with the time-tracking status of employees across various office locations. Now, everyone in the managerial position gets a bird's eye view of workforce availbility, without making a call.
Freeset Bags and Apparel
After moving from out of a "spreadsheets+emails" process, the Freeset Bags and Apparel team uses sumHR to keep more than 150 employees across 6 locations on the same page. When an employee joined, involvement of multiple stakeholders use to complicate things. Now, everything's managed smoothly using sumHR's checklists!
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