Manage your HR Information

Break-up with spreadsheets, we love you more

Collect, store and access all your HR data in one place. Automate approvals, requests, employee codes and more without breaking a sweat.

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One HR platform for multiple business

Anchor your expanding businesses with what we call the HQ (headquarters) account! Manage multiple HRMS deployments across geographies from a single window.

Through your HRIS software, mirror your company structure, the way you imagine it

Replicate your organizational architecture, down to the T! Show employees the big picture, and enable them to play their role with clarity.
Business units
Cross-functional teams
I am a totally satisfied customer and very happy with the sumHR team. It's certainly the best HR software I've used until now. Their support response times are impressive, and the TAT on complex issues is great too.
Aastha Sharma
4PL Consultancy

Unique employee IDs in seconds, at scale

Set the tone for your employee numbers, and let us do the heavy lifting. What do you prefer, a 2-part number or a 3-layered alphanumeric code? Whatever is your choice, consider it done.

Retain their smiles, from entry to exit

No one likes complexity in HR, and definitely not your employees. Which is why we simplify your entry-exit practices with an industry-first ‘link-based’ self-onboarding process and multiple, customizable options for smooth exit workflows.

Rich(er) data, better decisions

Build a rich database of employee information with over 15 categories in your HRIS software that can guide your decisions, right from education background, work experience, medical history, languages, skills, identity documents, and more.

Fly through daily activities from your HR Cockpit

When juggling multiple responsibilities, executing things quickly becomes imperative to your success. We've designed the HR Operations Cockpit just for this reason, so that you can be a pro at what you do best: multi-task!

Customize data fields, just as you imagine them

The more you know your employees the better you can serve them, which is why we empower you to create unlimited custom fields, to gather every bit of information you’ll ever need.

Flexible approval workflows that suit every need

No matter how big or globally distributed your organization is, our diverse approval workflows let you pick the right fit for every team, department or location.
Full trust workflow
No approvals required, requests are auto approved
Free flowing workflow
Multiple approvers, but only one approval required
All hands in workflow
Multiple approvers involved, and all must approve
Level based workflow
Request moves by hierarchy, one approval after another

Access, permissions & roles: You control everything

With self-service across the board, having granular permissions & controlled access is imperative. You can sleep without fear because only the ones you have chosen will get access to view or edit anything - no exceptions.

One inbox for all HR requests, no more missed emails

Requests often get scattered across different inboxes or systems. Not any more! From the Request Centre, you and your employees get a centralized view of all requests, neatly segregated by type. Just like your inbox, you can finally aim to achieve 'Request Zero' too!

Wherever you go, our notifications follow

Whether you’re getting in and out of meetings or multi-tasking on your laptop, stay notified about the latest HR happenings via browser alerts, mobile app updates, or our in-app bell notification.

Automatic reports, delivered to your inbox!

Start making plans for what you'll do at the start or end of the month, when all you earlier did was prepare reports. Report Robo will take care of that work for you from now on. Though many wouldn't acknowledge, but we really value your time and don't want you to waste it. Go do something really value-adding, while we do the grunt work.
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