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Managing Different Types of Employee Personalities

If you take a look around (when at your work place) you can determine your employee’s most perceptive trait by thinking of the first word in terms of personality that comes to your mind when you see them. Example: artistic, observant, lazy, cheerful etc. Identify these personality traits in your colleagues and employees and enforce better employee management. You can delegate much better, enabling your organization to work like a properly maintained and oiled machine.

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How To Write Emails To Employees

It is important that your emails to employees convey the message with clarity. Emails are used as documentation, and hence it becomes important to convey your messages properly. The next few pages in this ebook will teach you how to write effective emails to your employees. Internal communications plays a key role in the smooth functioning of employee management processes. Therefore, it must be handled with professionalism, honesty, and kindness.

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4 Steps to resolve Employee Conflicts

Two employees pit against each other. There are no knockout punches here – just cold shoulders, back biting, rolling eyes and if things get ugly, thunderous arguments. But the end of the argument doesn’t signify the end of the problem. In fact, if not dealt with appropriately, these arguments transform into reduced motivation and eventually reduced productivity.In fact, if not dealt with appropriately, these arguments will ultimately transform into reduced motivation and eventually reduced productivity.

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Understanding Salary Structure (CTC) in India: For Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, HR head or an employee, it’s important to understand various aspects of the salary structure. This simple and short eBook aims to clarify the confusion that often arise about salary structures. It also aims to educate you on how salaries are divided into various headings of Basic, HRA, allowances etc. Download […]

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