Make every employee feel special

Onboard them in style with collaborative checklists, keep things transparent with an accessible policy center and swiftly resolve their queries with care, using helpdesks.

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Create unique onboarding & offboarding experiences

Every department may have their own ideas for onboarding an employee. Similarly, employees leaving your company need to be handled differently at each level too. Create unique Checklists for each experience, bring smiles when coming in or going out.

Checklists: your swiss knife for many HR processes

Create checklists for variety of HR processes like training, promotion eligibility, knowledge-transfer during handovers, or even employee transfers to other cities. Make processes interesting for employees and automated for you, with quick tasks, CEO's message, an Audio/Video file, blog link and more.

Support employees with confidence

Coming this October
For HR teams, employees are the customers. Use an Helpdesk to offer professional HR support at scale. Let employees raise tickets, assign an HR rep to handle it and see their performance in resolving employee issues. It's time to take care of your employees, with swift service and strong HR support.

Multi-purpose helpdesks: IT, Finance & Travel support

Coming Soon
Streamline internal operational departments to serve your employees faster and better. Setup helpdesks for IT teams to manage hardware/software issues, for finance departments to clear payroll & taxation concerns, or for handling travel requirements. You can also create private/VIP helpdesks for sensitive matters like harassment.
sumHR has been very useful for ALL our HR related activities. We are thankful to have found such a friendly support team in them. Whenever we have queries, we receive a timely response and swift resolution.
A. Saravanan
I Fox Windtechnik India

Bring clarity and awareness with a Policy Center

Centralize all your company policies (HR or otherwise) into one single interface. Make it easy for employees to find the right information without feeling awkward asking for it or searching in their inbox. What's more, watch the magic as sumHR's intelligent policy-maker converts all your configurations into employee-friendly FAQs.
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