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Expense claim management
Having a comprehensive expense claim management policy in place can make a big difference to employees' confidence in carrying out on-the-job expenses.
Features for a smooth life
10+ configurable rules

To make it easy for you to create policies, we've provided 10+ configuration options which give you a jump start when creating policies. All you need to is pick and choose what applies your particular expense claim management policies.

Category based limits

Expense categories may differ even if within the same policy. A mobile bill (monthly) may highly vary with a flight ticket (ad-hoc). Our policy rules allow for setting daily, weekly or even monthly limits on specific categories, separately.

Advance for expenses

Expecting employees to settle big expenses out of their own pocket, could be unfair. For instance, long business trips can burden an employee's personal budgets. Handle this with grace by allowing employees to request for Expense Advance.

Wallet balance system

Yes, you've got wallets everywhere - but do you have one for your office? Our simple wallet system keeps track of the employees' expense passbook and also lets you (and employees) be aware of how much you've spent and what remains unused.

Configure expense category rules

Configure rules unique to each type of expense within a policy, keeping granular control over how to you'd like to treat each type of expense. Using this flexibility you can create distinction in policies for different groups of employees.

Policy-wide claim limits

Most expense claims take place on a monthly cycle. Using these rules, you can set a flat monthly claim limit across the policy. This can ensure safety for the organization and a border line limit for the employee as well.

Exceptions by category

Claim limit you you set for some categories may fall short of the reality on ground. That's why, our policy configurations allow for handling exception by specific categories within a policy, enabled to manage exceptions in a granular way.

Auto-approve smaller claims

Don't bother managers for minor bills and routine claims, let our automatic policy rules handle it for you. Settle frequent and low-risk expense claims with automatic approvals. Save time for managers, and improve employee satisfaction.

Designate compensators

For situations where you've got multiple office locations, and you have separate accountants to manage finances at each of these offices, you can designate each of them as dedicated claim settlement authority for their location.

Multi-expense claim requests

Allow employees to send claims for multiple different items within a single claim request. This will not only help save their time and but also group related expenses within a single claim, thereby improving the approval process.

Essential features
Unlimited expense policies

We understand that different departments have different expenses. Why paint everyone with the same brush? Easily create any number of expense claim policies, and assign them specifically to those who are expected to send in claims.

Policy level exceptions

Sometimes situations demand making some exceptions in expense claims. An unplanned or unexpected expense may poke a hole in the employee pocket. In such cases, you can use policy exceptions to allow for some flexibility within the policy.

Limit advance claims

While giving advance for anticipated expense claims is a great way to entrust the employee with responsibility and speed up claim processes. But sometimes, it's better to be safe by setting limits on these advance disbursals.

Thresholds for advance claims

If you don't want to risk handing over excess advance payments to employees, that's fair too. Simply set a minimum wallet threshold on your employee's wallet, they can request advance only if their balance is below this threshold.

Set monthly/annual claim cycles

Define specific dates for your monthly expense cycle to file claims within your claim processing guidelines. Also, set the extension period to allow for claiming and settling expenses after completion of your company's annual fiscal cycle.

Unlimited Compensators

If you wish to create back-up claim settlement authorities or assign special access rights to individuals other than your regular accounts team, you can add any number of Compensators to take charge of settling claims.

Readymade claim categories

We've created an extensive list of most common expenses and organized them into popular categories like Travel, Communication, and more. All you need to do is select the expenses you'd like to allow in a policy.

Selective approval in grouped claims

When employees send in a number of expenses grouped together in a single claim, managers can specifically select expenses they wish to approve from the list and leave out the rest. This will save everyone the back and forth on expense claims.

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