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GPS Attendance (Paid Add-on)

We don't just throw around buzzwords like Geo-fencing and Geo-tagging but in fact empower you with tools to utilize these technologies to execute location based GPS attendance policies in your organization.

Login via mobile OTP

Many of us are guilty of (almost) never remembering our passwords these days. Employees using our mobile app also don't need to use their web password, as long as they're logging in using their official mobile number (verified by you).


Once you feed in the map coordinates of your office location, we'll ensure employees don't end up punching in or out from anywhere other than the office itself. All you need to do is specific a geo-fencing radius, and sumHR will oblige.

Anti-spoofing detection

If employees try to fake attendance from mobile, you can rest assured their mission will fail. Detect GPS location spoofing and don't allow any smart alec in your team to fool your systems. Our technology constantly works for your protection.

Essential features
GPS location

Every time your employees mark their GPS attendance from the mobile phone, our system will automatically capture their location. This will ensure you know where the employees worked from, to check if that location is OK with you.


With our geo-tagging feature, you can distinctly mark your employees' attendance punches made at point A and then point B, C, D, etc on the map. You can practically trace the employee's journey as they go about carrying out their on-field work.

Android & iOS Apps

Which is better, Android or iOS? The debate never ends, but we’ll serve you regardless. We don’t discriminate or distinguish customers in either group, and we're sure neither want to miss out on sumHR too. You choose, we serve.

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