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OKR and Goals
A goal system popularized by Google and now followed by companies all around the world. With OKRs you can create alignment on objectives within your team and bring measurement to all the important goals of your organization. You can use sumHR's software for OKR management to define your Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) and get an edge over your competition, just as companies like Amazon, Intel and Apple do.
Features for a smooth life
Department or team objectives

You may trickle down objectives top down, but there may be special objectives for specific departments or teams too. Feel free to create independent objectives for these groups. Don't shy away from greatness when you can achieve it.

Set individual KRAs

Goals across the organization are good and should be implemented, no doubt. However, it's equally important to set expectations with employees and what better way than through KRAs (Key Result Areas) to help them stay relevant and responsible.

A software for OKR with a Comprehensive OKR Dashboard

Companies require discipline and organization skills to succeed with OKRs. While you work on honing these skills, our OKR dashboard will give you the bird's eye to an overview of everything that's going right or wrong with your objectives.

Measurable key results

Use our software for OKRs to Measure an employee's key results to identify how much they've achieved or fallen short. With us, you have ample options to measure things in a variety of ways, i.e. by completion %, money, leads, customers, candidates, or hires and more.

Objectives by period

OKR experts advice quarterly objectives as ideal, but not all objectives fit that period. Your organization, your rules, we simply help you along the way. Set objecitves annually, bi-annually, quarterly or even monthly, your call.

Ownership based objectives

Ownership is not just a buzzword but also fundamental to every growing organization's value system. That's why we've ensured that every objective also has an owner assigned to it because ownership helps bring responsibility.

Weightage for objectives

Every objective is important, sure, so is every key result or goal. What differs is the weightage each carries, vis-a-vis the other. Using our simple yet intelligent system you can set multi-x weightage for each objective and key results.

Check progress, on the fly

Milestones by the roadside help you check how far you've reached and how far more to go. If you don't have an active scoreboard, path to your objectives can seem endless. Use our intuitive and cool progress meters, to stay on course.

Essential features
Set objectives (O)

Set your company on the path to success with Objectives. Objectives are high-level time bound missions that your organization drives its team towards. Each objective can have it's own sub-objectives which align to your primary objectives.

Define key results (KRs) or goals

Define key results for each of your objectives or let your leaders to do so. Key Results work as stepping stones to achieving your objectives. Key Results can also be called Goals and they form the crux of an OKR or Goals system.

Daily or weekly reminders

Prompt your teams to keep their goals in check with automatic reminders about upcoming due dates. These reminders a good way for teams and individuals to stay focused towards on the objectives they're meant to achieve.

Unlimited tasks per key result

Tasks are small passes footballers make before they score a goal. Similarly, your team can add unlimited tasks under each Key Result they're responsible for to help them not only take steps forward but also track their own progress.

Key Result due dates

A project without a deadline is like a flight without an ETA. No one wants to be on that plane, right? Just like you can set due-dates for every Objective, your employees can set due-dates for each of their Key Results.

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