HR is misunderstood!

For decades, Human Resources work and HR teams have often been undervalued, unappreciated and underrated. This isn’t just a mindset problem, it’s also because of HR’s overdependence on paperwork, spreadsheets and outdated software. At sumHR, we’re determined to change this reality!

We are here to strive for HR empowerment and cheer HR teams on their way to success!


Our mission

What we do

We’re on a mission to improve impact of HR teams in organizations globally. With our full-suite HR platform on the cloud, sumHR is building a flexible and configurable end-to-end HRMS to help HR teams automate the mundane, streamline the chaos and improve the employee’s HR experience.

Our mission

Why we do it

We believe that HR is the most important department in any company. It holds things together and deals with innumerable human variabilities but often doesn’t have the right tools to realize its full potential and delivery great results. We want to be the platform which helps HR get the credibility + appreciation it deserves.


Our culture

Who we are

We’re no misfits and neither are we Ivy league superhumans. Some of us include a farmer, a professional racing driver, a numismatist, and even a song writer. In short, we’re the David in the David v/s Goliath story. We are ordinary people trying to build extraordinary things.


Our values

How we (aspire to) act

Our values are defined by ‘reality & practicality’, not by ideals. While we acknowledge that humans (by nature) are fallible creatures, we refuse to let this fallibility come in the way of who we aspire to become.

Be better than yesterday

Keep improving yourself, keep moving the needle.

Support each other

Unity can overcome the tallest of challenges.

Don't fear failing, fear not-trying

Winning is something, failing is nothing, learning is everything.

Do the right thing

Know the difference between temptation and conscience.

Own your actions

Deliver once you commit, take responsibility if you don't.

Treat customers as yourself

Deal with them, as you'd like to be dealt with.

Empathy heals, Ego hurts

Accept differences, express gratitude, forgive mistakes.

Remote work

Where we are

Until recently, we operated from Pune, India. During the pandemic we decided to WFH and discovered the several advantages of remote working, and now we’ve come to fall in love with it. Of course, this also means that we put a lot of faith in each other, and that’s one of the foundations of our team’s remote existence.






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