Break-up with spreadsheets

Handle paperwork, without the paper

Collect, store, and access all your important HR data on one comprehensive HRIS platform. Our core HRIS software (aka Human resources management system) can not only save all employee information and documents but also provide insightful MIS reports and HR analytics.

One HRIS for multiple businesses

Manage a single company or multiple businesses with Human Resource Information Systems deployed around the globe from a single user-friendly, cloud-based HR software. We’re not just a software, we’re a software with heart. You don’t need to juggle with different HR software logins to manage different companies or businesses. Run your HR operations of multiple businesses from a virtual headquarter through the HQ account.

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    Multiple Localisations -
    You may choose to configure separate timezones, currencies and even choose how to display the different date formats (based on local norms) for employees logging into your HRMS from different countries across the globe.
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    Interface branding -
    Provide employees with an HR experience that's closely in-sync with your company's branding. You can your company logo to display across the interface, specify a branded login URL, and also set a cover-image with text customizations.

Mirror your organizational structure on your HRIS

Implement the structure of your enterprise in your HRIS down to the T. Whether you have a single entity or multiple businesses, replicate the organization chart of your company to mirror as it is in reality.
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    Employee Directory -
    Often there is so much employee data that goes unnoticed and underutilized in many organizations. This won't be the case if you're using our centralized company directory to easily access all and important employee data on your fingertips
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    Database filters -
    HR teams can use from over 25+ granular data-points across the employee's profile in order to filter down to the desired group of employees. Quickly and easily download comprehensive employee information for MIS data reports.
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    Business Units -
    Different line-of-businesses within the same organization? Want to manage multiple payroll entities under one company? Using our Business Units feature, you can create multiple BUs as separate sub-companies and independent payroll entities
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    Grades  -
    Many companies define grades to organize levels of hierarchy. If you're one of them, you can use this flexible feature to assign grades to employees which can further be used in various HR processes like Payroll.

Generate unique employee IDs in seconds

What do you prefer, a 2-part employee number or a 3-layered alphanumeric employee code? Configure your numbering preferences and relax, as our HRIS module automates the process of assigning employee numbers in your human resource management software. You can not only assign employee codes retrospectively but also configure numerical series to continue from where you’ve left off.

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    3-layered employee numbers -
    Option to configure a 3 layered employee coding system (prefix, mid-text & suffix) which allows for generating codes that may consist of 3 moving and variable parts for accurate employee management. You can go with a plain vanilla 1-part number or with a combination of 2 and even 3 part employee code.
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    Restrospective assignment -
    Once you've set things up, it would be a shame if you'd have to go back and assign each number manually. So, if you'd like, you can switch to auto-assignment of employee numbers, which will work not only for current but also ex-employees in your HRMS.
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    Define series start point -
    If you'd like keep the history aside, no worries! You can continue the numbering series from the point of your choice at the time of configuration. The employee numbers for those added to your HRMS until this point will be in your complete manual control for all-round employee management.

As smooth as silk, from entry to exit

Simplify your employee experience throughout your Employee Life Cycle. Our intuitive user interface will lead to a happier workforce. Our self-service HR portal to lets your employee create their profile and upload important HR documents even before they join the company. Plus, providing them with a smooth exit experience using our off-boarding checklists.

Rich(er) database, better decisions

Did you know that you’re sitting on a gold-mine? All your HR data that’s lying scattered in different spreadsheets is not being put to use. Access to more data results in more benefits for your company. You can search for information on a real-time basis or retrieve old data using reports features. Sharpen your knowledge about employees, but also improve your employee relations by maintaining employee track records, all in one place

Fly through daily HR activities from your HR cockpit

Balancing multiple HR processes can take up a lot of time. Even the best of HRIS software can fall short of company expectations when it comes to HR multi-tasking. This is why we took extra effort to design an HR operations cockpit that makes you a highly efficient HR pilot. Juggle between one HR task to another improving your HR management and speeding up your HR solutions.

Customize data fields, just as you imagine them

The more you know your employees, the better you can serve them. Right? We understand the benefits of flexibility. That’s why our product allows you to create unlimited customized data-fields on your HR database. Expiry dates of employment contracts, work-permits for ex-pats, private/internal HR notes, employee-benefits information, and many such unique use-cases of customers can be handled in sumHR.


Flexible approval workflows that suit every need

No matter how big your business or distributed your organization is, our powerful approval workflow tools let you configure as many varieties of flows as you like. You can define different workflows for attendance requests, leave requests, expense claims, exit processes (resignations), bank-detail changes, and much more.

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    Full trust workflow

    No approvals required, requests are auto approved
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    All hands in workflow

    Multiple approvers involved, and all must approve
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    Back-up decision-makers

    In case a manager or department head is missing
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    Free flowing workflow

    Multiple approvers, but only one approval required
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    Level based workflow

    Request moves by hierarchy, one approval after another
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    Automatic HR approvals

    In case of delay in action by managers

Access, permissions & roles: You control everything

With employee self-service across your HR Portal on sumHR you can ensure the security of your valuable HR data. HR software features are incomplete without permission options, especially when you’ll be processing payroll, managing employee performance reviews, and more. Worry not! You can not only create unlimited administrators, but you can also decide granular access rights for each HR administrator and decide view/edit permissions for everyone in your HR software.


One HR inbox for all HR requests, no more missed emails

When tens/hundreds of employees send attendance/leaves/expense claims/IT declarations in payroll or various other types of requests via email, chances are high you will miss something or get overwhelmed looking at your inbox. Not any more! Our HRIS software improves your HR efficiency and management capability with a centralized Request Centre, where you and your employees get a consolidated and categorized view of all requests. With us, you can finally aim to achieve ‘Request Zero’!


Wherever you go, our notifications follow

When employees are working hard around the clock, they care not just about attendance but also about their time. Software for automation should enhance the browsing experience, not put extra stress on productive teams. Send Notifications via browser alerts, mobile app notifications, or our in-app bell icon updates without cluttering their inbox.


Automatic reports, delivered to your inbox!

Start making plans for what you’ll do at the start or end of the month when all you earlier did was prepare reports. Report Robo will take care of that work for you from now on. Though many wouldn’t acknowledge, we really value your time and don’t want you to waste it. Go do something really value-adding, while we do the grunt work.


You may login any way you like, may you never leave

We understand that many employees don’t prefer logging in with the good ol’ email address, some don’t even care to remember passwords. Employees’ time is precious. Of course, one user-friendly feature can be to retrieve forgotten passwords. However, without the ability to choose how you’d like to log-in, employees cannot experience true HR flexibility. Really amazing features don’t just save time, they also provide a delightful experience. Giving multiple login/sign-in options is our way of saying, we care!

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    GPS location
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    Anti-spoofing detection

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