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HR Review Forms & Competencies
With our HR review forms, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to options and flexibility to design it your way. Create a wholesome two dimensional (2D) review forms. Don't stop there, even specify who answers which question. We've worked hard so that you don't have to.
Features for a smooth life
2D (two dimensional) review forms

One dimensional reviews are passé. Getting a holistic perspective about an employees' performance does not stop at a 360 review. The review form must include not just objective but subjective aspects too, that's what our 2D form does for you.

Spider-gap analysis of competencies

Link each focus area in your HR review form with a relevant competency. This will help you create a holistic spider-gap analysis of your employees' competencies based on their performance reviews. Get the whole picture, not just the reviews.

Choose responders for each question

Create extensive review forms that can cater to different participants by assigning each questions for specific participants. This granularity in review forms gives you the power to do deep when desinign your reviews.

Competency repository

Mapping competencies are a great way to identify the employee's strengths and weaknesses at their job. Find an extensive list of industry benchmarked competencies at your disposal, based on which you can devise performance improvement programs.

Essential features
Unlimited review forms

One popular demand we've come across is the ability to create unique review forms for each department/team/position or even specific employees. We thought, why set limits. Go unlimited, create review forms for unique requirements.

Section-wise weightage

A review form may carry sections on various levels of importance, and each section could have it's own unique influence on the overall rating. Keep a fair balance between what's important and what's not, by assigning section-wise weightage.

Focus areas within each section

A focus area is (as the name suggests) meant to drive focused questions around specific topics within a section. Using this flexible option, you can create a clearly organized review form that segregates questions based on relevancy.

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