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Why You NEED To Switch To A Biometric Time and Attendance System Now!

Why you NEED to switch to a biometric time and attendance system now
Since the introduction of biometric time Attendance systems, keeping a track of employees’ punctuality has gotten 10x easier. In the old days, the easiest way to keep track of attendance was to maintain a register. But in this day and age, a register proves to be less than futile.  
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Why do you NEED to switch to a biometric time and attendance system now?

Enter – biometric time attendance systems. Biometric attendance systems are slowly taking over all other types of attendance softwares – registers, card-swiping machines, punch cards, bar codes, etc.
‘Why’, you ask?

Apart from looking really cool, a biometric device can eliminate a great deal of complications, thereby reducing disputes regarding attendance.

Try a 7 day free trial of the biometric time attendance software to know how it can eliminate a great deal of complications, thereby reducing disputes regarding attendance.

Some of the issues solved by a biometric system are:

Time Theft

Certain expectations go hand-in-hand with hiring an employee; accountability is a basic one. When an employee is on-the-clock and is being paid to work but isn’t doing so, that’s when time theft arises. This can occur due to a number of reasons. Taking 15-minute smoking breaks every hour, lunch break lasting twice as long as the company policy, scrolling through social media constantly (yes, we see you sharing posts on Facebook) are just a few. To help you with time theft, we have a new break-time tracking attendance policy.

Accuracy/ Security

With a biometric time attendance system, you don’t have to worry about the data being inaccurate. As the need for manual entries is eliminated, there’s no space for false clock-in or clock-out times. While a person could try to hack into the system and tamper with the data, there’s no way they’d get away with it. Firstly, not everyone knows how to hack into an admin’s account who might have access to this data. Secondly, even if they do manage to do so and change their timings, they’d be caught. The system would show the date and time when the data was changed along with the name of the person. Obviously, the admin would know it wasn’t them and would start looking for the culprit.

Buddy Punching/ Proxy

With a finger scanner, it’s practically impossible to clock-in for someone else. We’re not in a Hollywood movie, so it’s safe to assume nobody would go to the lengths of forging fake fingerprints just to mark attendance (I’m hoping). This also saves a lot of money you otherwise would’ve spent to secure your system from fraud. Because a biometric attendance system requires the person to personally clock-in, the idea of anyone else clocking-in on your behalf is preposterous.

Increases Efficiency

Employees might feel apprehensive thinking about whether their hard work is being noticed or not. With a biometric time attendance system, it’s easy to keep a track of every employee’s working hours. They can be assured that their efforts are being seen. With all the data being automatically collected and shown right there on your screen, it encourages employees to continue working hard when overtime is needed. Knowing their actions are being appreciated definitely restores their faith in the organization and boosts their spirit.


With a card scanner, there’s a lot of money that gets spent on things other than the actual machine. Making an ID card for every employee to scan, installing a security system to ensure nobody swipes for their colleague, etc. But by installing a single biometric attendance system, you can erase all these costs. Along with completely eradicating all your attendance worries, this also proves to be extremely helpful during payroll processing. With a schedule in place, it automatically calculates all late marks and helps during payroll by adjusting according to the number of late marks or absent marks. Apart from being cost-effective, this also saves time.

Biometric Device; Attendance Software; biometric attendance; finger scanner; biometric attendance system;

Keeping these points in mind, it’s safe to say that a biometric time and attendance system is the best option for any organization. A reliable and affordable system that can provide you with this and much more is sumHR. sumHR can benefit your organization by relieving you of all your HR woes. Attendance & payroll solutions are now just a click away!

If you’re looking for biometric time attendance System, visit or call +91 922 221 3195 now.

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