Hiring plans, Applicant tracking & career site

Attract relevant talent, hire right candidates

Get a swanky career site for great first impressions, setup the right questions to filter out the noise and collaborate with hiring managers to close more positions.

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Create hiring plans and streamline job requisitions

Let departments create their own hiring plans, and allow managers to send job requisitions. Ensure complete clarity on job requirements and maintain control over hiring priorities.


Recruitment configurations that match your filtering needs

Create detailed job descriptions that clearly articulate the role. Reduce irrelevant candidates and improve flow of quality profiles with screening questions from company, culture, functional aspects.

Uncomplicate hiring with our Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Staying sane while sifting through heaps of CVs can be tough. We can help you organize your hiring process on a Kanban interface and collaborate with hiring managers more effectively with a built-in ATS (applicant tracking system) within your HRMS. No more hopping in and out of a separate recruitment software – now you can hire better and close faster.

Applicant Relationship Management (ARM)

Create lasting impressions irrespective of the candidates’ suitability for your vacancies. Effortlessly share status updates with job applicants and exhibit a professional, empathetic employer thought process.

Employer branding with a memorable career site

Build a strong employer brand with progressive positioning of your company as a career maker. With our flexible options you can showcase a memorable impression to potential candidates as they evaluate job prospects with you.


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