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Biometric Attendance Software

Biometrics are one of the most popular mediums of collecting attendance logs, not only because they're quite fool-proof but also because the technology is advancing at fast pace. Earlier there were RFID cards, then came fingerprints and now everyone's moving to facial recognition devices. Whatever may be your mojo, we've got integrations with (almost) every device out there. You can manage multiple device deployments from a single interface and sync all logs from across different locations into one account.

Link unlimited devices

Whether you've got biometric devices installed across the country or across the world, we don't limit your growth. Link as many existing and new biometric devices that you install in your offices, and manage them all from a single interface.

Automatic cloud-syncing

Gone are the days when you'd have to end your day with a "Sync logs" command on your desktop. We've taken advantage of the latest hardware technologies to allow automatic real-time syncing of attendance logs, without your intervention.

In-built fingerprint enrollment

You need not jog between the device and your PC every time you wish to enroll employee fingerprints. With our built-in desktop application, you can effortlessly enroll new employee fingerprints sitting right at your computer with this biometric attendance software.

Essential features
Wide range of biometric integrations

If you've already got devices in place or if you wish to install new ones, we can support you in both cases. sumHR comes packed with readymade integration kits for a variety of the most popular biometric device manufacturers and sellers.

One-employee on multiple devices

If some of your employees are office gypsies, i.e. they move from one office to another. Feel free to register them on multiple devices. We'll sync their attendance seamlessly, irrespective of where they punch-in or punch-out in a day.

Multi-device biometric dashboard

Get a centralized cockpit view of all your biometric device deployments across locations. You'll see if they're online or offline, when they pinged last and even get quick options to revise the device details like Name, IP, group, etc.

In/Out device direction

Got a device specifically to capture in-time and a separate device to capture out-time? Or do you have different entry and exit points in the office? sumHR can handle both these situations with grace and gaiety, without confusing you.

Double data-backup

Having crucial attendance data residing on a hardware device in office, can be risky. Hence, we don't just store a copy of all the logs as-is on one server but actually store it on two. Creating a sort of double-back-up facility for you where you can rely on your biometric attendance software.

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