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Attendance management software
From shift rostering to flexi-shits, comp-off credits to break durations, and biometrics to GPS punch-ins, we've got it all.
Features for a smooth life
Configurable attendance policy rules

Use our highly configurable policy system to track employee’s time at work, punctuality, WFH or OD requests, no-shows and automatically handle penalties or deductions arising from policy breaches, the way you want to.

Multi-device time tracking

However you wish to collect attendance, we've got ya back! Wherever your employees may be, on field (via mobile), at home (via browser) or in office (biometric fingerprint/face recognition), sync their attendance without a click. Multi-device time tracking in one attendance management software.

Work-from-home / Out-duty

All of us like working from home once in a while or more. Easily enable or disable WFH and Out duty requests separately, or even set a limit for each. We understand times change, you can go back and edit the limits just in a few clicks on your attendance management software.

Punctuality benchmarks

A stitch in time, (almost) always saves nine. Therefore, we want to help you maintain punctuality at work. We make it possible for you to do it via grace hours or grace late-counts. You can not only monitor but also penalize repeat late-comers.

Overtime policy

Pay employees for over-time or give them a paid time off in return. Set the minimum threshold as well as the maximum limits. Not just that, you can distinguish between credits earned from extra-time on working day versus non-working days.

Compensatory off (comp-off)

With a growing workforce, manually tracking their compensatory offs could lead to human errors which unnecessarily affect their passion for working harder than the others. Configure smart comp-off rules and toss human-errors out of the window.

Essential features
Absenteeism rules

No-shows aren’t uncommon, so why not automate? Make reasonable assumptions (eg. on leave or forgot punch-in) for no-show situations, aka Absenteeism to automatically deduct a paid/unpaid leave or send an attendance request.

Work durations requirements

If your jobs require a stipulated amount of time to be spent at office or in the factory, here's a handy option for you. Set daily or weekly minimums for time-at-work, and decide penalties (if any) for not meeting expectations.

Policy execution control

Making attendance rules and introducing penalties sound easy, but executing them on-the-fly can be tricky. We give you the flexibility to schedule policy execution (month end or custom dates), and give your employees time to make adjustments.

Multi-day requests

If your situation demands, allow employees to send out single or multi-day requests for out-duty or work-from-home in advance, based on their travel or work plans. Remote working is gaining ground, why tie yourselves down to a desk.

Detailed attendance logs

Find the totality of attendance related information on a single page. Have a compartmentalised view of in / out timings, overtime, break duration and everything else you need. Download the data in click of a button, not two!

Regularization workflow

Every now and then, we all forget some of the most basic tasks, no? Avoid the burden of correcting attendance yourself, and instead, empower employees to request for changes for single or multiple days, through simple regularization workflows.


Sometimes, you're in demand and then sometimes your company's attendance logs are in demand, aren’t they? Download attendance logs, wholesale and you can even bulk import for one or many employees, whenever you want.

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