360° performance reviews, OKRs with KRAs & KPIs

Set ambitious goals, measure progress

Rally everyone around the company mission, turn slackers into performers with key-results & holistic reviews, and make appraisals fun with interesting feedback forms.

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Help employees get reviews from all angles, 0° to 360°

Establish a fair and balanced review system which completes the circle of feedback. A 360° performance review can truly transform the way your team looks at performance management.

Tailor-make review cycles, to suit every team and department

Don't fall in the trap of tradition and tie yourself down to annual reviews only. Each department and team will have unique reviewing needs. Collaborate with managers to create as many review cycles, and keep them as frequent as you like.
sumHR's software and support teams contributed greatly to our company's HR goals. We at JDHL commend this team for their professionalism and tenacity.
Amar Pratap Singh
Johari Digital Healthcare

Flexible forms for meaningful reviews

Review forms are at the heart of your company's performance reviews. Create interesting review forms with two unique dimensions and add sections with built-in focus topics. Get the flexibility you've always wanted to collect meaningful feedback.

Rating scales should be fun, not stressful

Rating scales can make or break the impact of a review. Picking the right scale for specific topics or particular questions is quite an underrated but very important aspect of a performance management. This is why we've built rating scale options that make reviewers stress-free and reviews interesting.

Objectives & Key Results, for goal obsessed companies

Set your company on the path to success with OKR (Objectives and Key Results) driven missions. Define key results for each of your company's objectives and let your managers/leaders to do so for their teams too. OKRs are stepping stones to achieving your goals.
Comprehensive dashboard
Bird's eye view of OKRs/goals across the company
Multi-level OKRs
Set objectives for departments, teams, individuals
Objectives by period
Annual, bi-annual, quarterly or even monthly OKRs, your call
Set goals for individuals
Define KRAs (Key Result Areas) to bring accountability

Set goals, manage performance, achieve results - repeat!

Once you've helped employees set their sights on their objectives, keep tabs on their progress along the way to ensure things remain on-track.
Goals by units
Money, leads, customers, candidates, and more
Check progress
Employees can update completion %, on the fly
Tasks, per key-result
Create checklist of tasks inside each key-result
Predict results
Get summarized view of on-track, at-risk goals
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