360° performance reviews, OKRs with KRAs & KPIs

Set ambitious goals, measure progress

A performance management system that helps rally everyone around your mission, turn slackers into performers and set the stage for complete performance appraisals. Our performance management solutions make it easy to conduct employee performance reviews so that you can turn your team into a growth engine.

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Go from 0° to 360° on your employee performance evaluation

One-sided performance appraisals can be detrimental to a company's progress. Online Performance appraisals should be made fair and balanced with 360-degree feedback that encapsulates the all-round performance of employees. Using sumHR's cloud-based performance management software, you can set a performance culture with real-time feedback at the workplace. Our performance review software can transform the way your employees look at online performance management systems
Self-reviews / Self-assessment
Reporting Manager (incl. additional managers)
Team Managers (eg. department heads)
Peer reviews (cross-functional or inter-departmental peers)
Subordinate reviews (juniors reviewing seniors)

Tailor-make review cycles to suit every team and department

Don't tie yourself down to annual employee performance appraisals only. Each department, team and individual deserves unique performance appraisal processes depending on their needs. Some need continuous feedback for individual performance while some require regular feedback or responses in quarterly cycles. Our performance management platform will ensure an effective feedback process for your organization. You can create a growth mindset and increase employee engagement with frequent feedback with a continuous performance management process via online performance reviews on sumHR's performance management software. What's more, you can customize review cycles to ensure continuous performance reviews and appraisals over time.
Monthly - ideal for 1-to-1 conversations between managers
Quarterly - perfect for actionable insights and timely course corrections
Semi-annual (half-yearly) - suitable for business performance monitoring, before it's too late
Annual reviews - conventional organizational performance appraisals
sumHR's software and support teams contributed greatly to our company's HR goals. We at JDHL commend this team for their professionalism and tenacity.
Amar Pratap Singh
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Flexible forms for meaningful performance management

One of the important pillars of good performance management software is the feedback forms and we understand that the real success of performance management tools depends on how flexible the forms are. That's why we provide a range of features to help you design forms that not only collect accurate feedback but also make the review process a delightful experience. Add unique dimensions and sections to your performance management system. Get the flexibility you've always wanted to collect meaningful feedback.
2-dimensional reviews (eg. Results vs Behaviour)
9-box graph-based results
Weightage for each section/sub-section/question
Define focus areas (for KRAs/KPIs)
Competency & Skills mapping
Spider-graph analysis of competencies

Rating scales should be fun, not stressful.

A performance management process with the right rating scales can make a big impact on team performance reviews. A performance review software without the flexibility to customise rating scales is like a tiger without teeth. With sumHR's performance appraisal software, you can pick different rating scales for every section and sub-section depending on your performance management methodology. To build a progressive performance management strategy, you need to evolve your approach to performance - by choosing the right scale for the right question.
3 / 4 / 5 point rating scale
7 / 10 point eNPS-like rating scales
Rating scales with emojis & stars
Customisable rating descriptions

Performance management system for goal obsessed companies.

Besides ditching the annual performance review, we recommend that you adopt OKR (Objectives and Key Results) driven missions. Make goal-setting part of your company's performance review process. Effective performance management is not just about reviews, it's also about audacious goals, performance metrics, rapid growth and employee engagement solutions. Your entire performance management can become wholesome if you begin with company goals & business objectives, and trickle them down to individual objectives & employee goals. Define key results for each of your company's objectives.
Goals dashboards to managers
Goal tracking, goal status updates
Multi-level OKRs
Set company objectives & department objectives
Objectives by period
Annual, bi-annual, quarterly or even monthly OKRs, your call
Set goals for employees
KRAs/KPIs for professional growth

Set goals, manage performance, achieve results - repeat!

A performance management software is not just meant for reviews in hindsight. Our performance systems make room for organizational goals and the growth of employees as well. Help employees set their sights on the right objectives, get real-time updates on their progress and achieve explosive growth - all from a single performance management system. Use sumHR's online performance management tools to:
Customise units to measure goals
Money, leads, customers, candidates, and more
Check progress easily
Employees can update completion %, on the fly
Assign tasks, per key-result
Create checklist of tasks inside each key-result
Predict results in advance
Get summarized view of on-track, at-risk goals
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