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HR Certification: Top 7 Certifications in India Check Out

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Jay Thaker
December 16, 2019

Top 7 HR Certification in India, Check Out These Certifications

HR Certification certainly bring an edge to your primary Management degree. It brings a narrowed down approach and better understanding to cater to the broad responsibilities that come under the Human Resource functions.

MBA in HR or BBA in HR is the only qualification sought by organizations when hiring HR professionals. However, HR Certification do not come as a mandatory standard and also not asked by most organizations. Albeit HR Certification prepare an HR person to different aspects of HR, bring a broader and deeper perspective towards work, creates an environment of learning and experimenting, and in turn, can be a value-added service you can bring to an organization.

What is The Importance of an HR Certification In India

  • A certified HR professional will attract better job offers, get a notch-up in hierarchy due to specialized skills.
  • An HR certification can encourage a professional to introduce in organizations a culture of demonstrated practices through learning and experimenting.
  • An HR certified individual attracts better pay than their non-certified counterparts.
  • HR certification in india will enable a different level of trust and skill conformance acceptability with particular and challenging tasks.
  • HR Certified individuals will always score above their non-certified counterparts in the industry as well as the same organization.
  • Certification means conformance to industry standards, which can lead to bringing a culture of standard industry practices in an organization.
  • HR Certification brings a result-oriented approach at work due to skill enhancement.
  • HR Certification is a great way to map your growth chart with specialized skills in your power.

With the evolving face of HR practices, globalization, the influence of international standards and practices, tremendous shift in work culture patterns, employee male-female ratio enhancement, and many other aspects, it is necessary to adapt to practices that come as an industry standard. An HR certification adheres to a set structure that brings uniformity in the pattern of execution. It makes one study the underlying patterns and make strategic decisions that are sensitive to different organizations.  HR certification certainly bring an edge above the general management curriculum that one studies. It is a skill-based, experientially aligned, and a dedicated way of looking at different HR practices.

Let us see in the Indian landscape what are the different HR Certification in india that can create a valuable difference to your career.

While considering HR Certification, you should also take into consideration to shortlist the right certification for yourself. Different certifications have different eligibility criteria like - duration, prior experience, prior qualification, the scope of accreditation worldwide, etc.

HR Certification in India That Offer Broader Spectrum of Practices & learning’s Are:


SHRM stands for the Society of Human Resource Management Certified Professional.

This SHRM course is primarily meant for professionals who deliver policies, develop and lead HR strategic functions, analyze performance metrics, influence organizational goals, and are in the policy drafting profile. With SHRM, professionals are guided to effectively strategize and create policies and implement them. It also helps perform other HR services as well as operational HR functions effectively. SHRM is developed with the global standards in mind and comes to deliver two modules – SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM – CP) for junior and mid-level professionals and the SHRM – SCP – for the senior-level professionals. SHRM- SCP stands for Senior SHRM Certified professional.

This is a power-packed program that encompasses key HR competencies and knowledge towards the SHRM – CP and SHRM SCP. SHRM's certificates offered credentials not only in the field of HR competency but also in learning to foster an efficient work environment and performance.

SHRM – CP and SHRM SCP HR certification are developed by SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge (SHRM BoCK). This certification process is developed and verified by 40,000 plus HR Professionals, and twice every year, experts refresh these tests with a new set of questions. SHRM works on a fundamental of lifelong professional learning and future development.

SHRM certification is valid worldwide. The accreditation holds credit in 105 different countries.

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ISTD - Indian Society of Training & Development

The Indian Society of Training & Development established in 1970 and is a premium Institution in India. The institute is celebrating its 50 years of imparting successful learning. ISTD is affiliated to the International Federation of Training & Development and Asian Regional Training & Development Organisations (ARTDO).

ISTD is exclusively crafted for Training for Trainers. The programs are conducted all across the country and cover training for trainers, training goals & objectives, training tools & technologies. ISTD is a recognized certification and has been a choice of private & public organizations as well as the central state government.

ISTD is the only professional course and certification by the Government of India. It's meant to deal with the changing needs and challenges in the training industry. ISTD certified professionals today are some of the top industry professionals who have developed a visible edge in knowledge, skills & technology.

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T-Group Programs

Indian Society of Applied Behavioural Science (ISABS) is a National level society of independent trainers, HR managers, independent consultants, counselors, and academicians. ISABS focuses on human processes in the arena of human growth, organizational development, as well as social development.

Program- T-Group Program

T-Group uses experience-based learning as the base for their training programs.

The Program Covers The Following Aspects:

  • Basic awareness of patterns of behavior.
  • The impact of individual behavior on society.
  • Impact of an individual's behavior on the other.
  • Interpersonal interactions for better communication and satisfaction.

The HR Certification, basically the human resource professionals, trainers, HR facilitators, and industrial relations professionals, can derive the best output from this program. The program prepares you to be more sensitive to others' feelings, needs, and behavior.

Organisational Development Certification Program

Organisation Development is the invisible cog in the wheel that keeps the motor running. Organisation Development is a methodology used to bring out a change in systems by a mere shift in communication. Organisational Development rests on behavioral science, and based on observations of employee behavior patterns and work environment, they predict or anticipate change. Organisational Development focuses on both horizontal as well as vertical communication.

ISABS has a specially carved program to address organizational development needs. The program is experience-based learning of the behavior. The program focusses on behavior aspects of individuals and its impact on the society and vice versa and engages in the experiential way of learning over lectures and presentations.

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XLRI Executive Diploma in Human Resource

This course and certification are strategically designed to cover the fundamentals of Human Resource. XLRI is a highly rated Institute in India and brings in much value with its courses.

This program is designed for 16 Months of training covering courses that encompass

  • Fundamentals of Human Resource
  • Training & Development
  • Research Methods and Statistics
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Executive Compensation
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Managerial Counselling
  • Strategic Human Resource Management


The eligibility criteria in itself decide the focussed approach one has to bring to the HR domain and their career. This program asks for a minimum of 5 years of post-degree full-time experience. The degree should be a full-time bachelor's degree in any discipline but from a recognized university.

Post Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

The Post Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management is a valid HR Certification in India. The certification is offered after an exhaustive program of 1 year that is designed after understanding the challenges in managing Human Resource. This Post Graduate course is dynamic and developed, especially for working professionals. This HR certification is one of the most credible HR certification in practices.

It is a 1-year course awards certification at the end of the program. The premier Xavier's School of Management (XLRI) conducts this course and is well adapted to the HR expectations across industries.

The Course Encompasses:

  • Functional HR Competencies.
  • Analytical problem solving and decision making.
  • Emerging HR challenges and how they are impacting organisations.
  • Learning modern concepts, practices, and techniques in Hr Management.

This course is exclusively designed for working professionals.  The essential eligibility criteria is 2 years of work experience after a full-time degree (graduation).

This 1-year program is conducted in a virtual classroom setup.

This program also involves five days of the intensive learning experience at XLRI, Jamshedpur campus.

Post completing the 1-year course and evaluation, a certificate is awarded at a graduation ceremony held at XLRI, Jamshedpur.

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Organizational Development Training at Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie Institute offers various courses across the different organizational needs that encircle around the human factor. Their Organizational Development Course is a good upskill for HR professionals to develop employee engagement, HR strategies, and objectives. There are various courses that they offer that bring a broader perspective and learning background to the Human Resource domain.

These courses can be opted in person or online. Dale Carnegie is a well-known name worldwide and brings much weight with its certifications. The HR certification is valid globally.

It is thus evident that an MBA or a BBA in HR today holds only the potential of basic qualification. These above listed advanced courses and associated HR certification prepare you for a career that is focused on the Human Resource aspect of the organization. Human Resource professionals are the primal core of any organization, and such classified HR certification can help them bring a difference not only to their career but the organization they are serving too.

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Written by
Jay Thaker
Jay is the founder at sumHR, an HR Software which helps organisations automate their HR operations and provide employees with a memorable HR experience.
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