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2017 Annual Holiday List For Best Long Weekend Trips

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2017 is almost here. Yeah, you heard that right. With 2016 flying by quicker than you can say, “When’s the next long weekend?”, we can only hope that 2017 has longer weekends and more holidays than we did this year. With our 2016 calendar for Indian festivals, leaves and holidays being such a huge hit, we’ve decided to make gazetted holidays 2017 an annual thing. sumHR presents: 2017 Indian calendar for Indian holidays and festivals.

2017 annual holidays leaves and weekends

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Here are some fun facts about the 2017 holidays in India for you:

Did you know?

1) 5 months in 2017 (January, April, July, October, December) have 5 Sundays
2) 4 months in 2017 (April, July, September, December) have 5 Saturdays
On top of all the long weekends and customizable long weekends, 2017 also brings along with it a number of extra Saturdays and Sundays. All hail gazetted holidays 2017!

There you go. That was an extensive list of public holidays in India in 2017. We’re happy to announce that you’re about to get a tremendous amount of 3-day long weekends in 2017, all thanks to the festivals in India. With 9 out of 12 months having long weekends and some even having it twice a month, it’s time for some acche din for us! As a bonus, we also have a 4-day long weekend coming. But if you’re still not satisfied (demanding, are we?), you can also use up your leave balances to take advantage of our Indian calendar and customize your own long weekends. It won’t take much though, with the need for applying for a leave arising only thrice this year, on the 27th January, 27th March, and 14th August.

The statistics are looking pretty damn good in this 2017 holiday list too. Unlike 2016, where most of the festivals of India fell on weekends (ugh! We know), 2017 has the most number of holidays landing on Mondays. Goodbye, Monday morning blues! Here’s a list of the holidays in our Indian calendar in a descending order – 7 of the holidays in 2017 are on Mondays, 6 are on Saturdays, 5 on Fridays and behold, only 2 on Sundays. With the least number of holidays on a Sunday, we’re happy with the statistics of the government holidays in 2017.

We might just be in love with this 2017 Indian calendar for Indian holidays and festivals. Start planning your holidays, people. Long weekends await!

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