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Employee Management Using Google Sheets


Organisations, especially startups and medium-sized businesses focus a lot on cost-cutting. They continuously work to devise methods to undertake all work efficiently while utilising free or no tools at all. However, they often fail to recognise the power of Google sheets- one of the most efficient and effective free tools.  

Google sheets are quite beneficial for the human resource department. It helps them manage extensive data related to the employees of the organisation. Its multiple techniques, add-ons, formulas, and addition of other Google Tools, such as Google Docs, etc, help HRs and other members of the organisation perform a plethora of tasks.  

In this article, we will learn how an HR can utilise Google Spreadsheets for employee management and other tasks related to human resources

Benefits of Using Google Sheets for Employee Management

Mentioned below are the advantages of using Google sheets for the management of employees and other essential HR tasks. 

  • Free to use- Google sheets are free to use with internet connectivity. All the plugins, tools, and other Google extensions are free to use along with Google sheets. However, you can upgrade your storage to be able to store more sheets if you want. 
  • No training or experience required- Google sheets are very easy to use, and thus, any normal human being can start working on them instantly. It has some formulas which you’ll need to learn if you need to work with them. Apart from that, it is an intuitive and accessible option that does not demand any prior training or experience. 
  • Great customisation options- If you know about the various formulas and functions of Google sheets, you can use them to customise your sheets to a great extent. There are multiple chart templates with many theme options, and you can create any document type, such as a spreadsheet, work schedule or calendar, etc. 
  • Offer extensive collaborations- You can share your Google sheets with unlimited people and can restrict the permissions according to the hierarchy. You can collaborate Google sheets with other Google tools such as Google Docs, Calendar, Meet, and much more. 
  • Great tools for calculation- Instead of using extensive and costly tools for calculation, you can use Google sheets for employee management. Using simple formulas, you can make multiple calculations in Google sheets, which we will read about in the next section. 

Employee Management With Google Sheets

While some might consider Google sheets to be a generic and basic tool, you will be surprised to know what you can do with this app. Mentioned below are a few things HR can do for human resource management with Google sheets.  

  • Documenting Job Descriptions

Recruitment is an essential HR role and responsibility. To carry out smooth and fruitful recruitment, it is important to create the aptest job descriptions for the open role. This lures the most eligible and relevant candidate for the job.  

By combining Google sheets with Google Forms or Google Docs, you can formulate a winning job description to attract potential candidates for the role. You can mention the expectations, skills, portfolio required, etc., for the job roles which are currently hiring. Also, multiple stakeholders can edit the sheets together in Google Drive to create the aptest job description. 

  • Hiring Database

The HRs can manage numerous candidates to fill different job positions with Google sheets. Combining Google sheets with Calendar helps streamline the entire hiring process. You can create a database in Sheets regarding the candidates who have been interviewed and those who have not been interviewed. You can store the essential data regarding the prospective candidates, and access it easily whenever you want to.  

sumHR is dedicated to offering the best solutions through HRIS employee database management for the evolving needs of HRs and organisations. With its contemporary solutions, no task related to human resources can ever be left unattended.

  • Tracking Interviews

Google sheets are a highly beneficial cloud-based solution for tracking the status of each interviewee. In cases where the hiring teams deal with high-volume recruitment, handling a lot of data and tracking real-time updates becomes difficult. To handle it all, you can create and design a robust and easily accessible spreadsheet database that includes all the details of each candidate. You can also share the sheet with the applicants with a restricted view so that they can see what is the status of their application.  

  • Calculating Payable Hours

You can perform payroll in-house and project management with Google sheets, without using any expensive tools. You can calculate the payroll hourly if they work by shift, based on their time-in and time-out. In other cases, you can count the working days of an individual and pay accordingly. You can calculate the billable hours by subtracting the in-time from the out-time and then multiplying it by the hourly rate.  

  • Performing A Compensation Review

A compensation review must be performed for every employee every now and then. In this, the functions of spreadsheets are quite useful. You can organise your data in a structured format in a chart template, and understand the information about the employee, such as the job title, service years, performance ratings, etc., to compare compensations.  

  • Calculating Length Of Service

To offer appreciation and rewards to the employees, you must consider their length of service. With Google sheets, you can calculate the time spent by each employee in your organisation. You must have the start date entered in one row, and today’s date entered in the other. In the third cell under “length of service” find the time the person has been associated with the company using the formula “=C2-B2”.  

  • Calculating Working Days

An essential task involved in generating payrolls is calculating the working days of the employees. You can calculate the net working days of the employees between two given dates, to identify the wage they must be given. For this, you should use the function “NETWORKDAYS”. Add this formula to the cell in front of the cells with the start date and the end date of the payment cycle. You can also exclude holidays from the same by typing F4 on your keyboard and locking the holiday references. 

Thus, Google sheets is a free tool with which you can perform multiple tasks and calculations easily. It is thus an efficient, easy, and cost-effective solution for HRs and employee management 

Making Work Schedule In Google Sheets 

Generating and formulating a working schedule for every day and every week is an important part of HR roles and responsibilities. However, they often tend to use costly tools to create weekly timesheets. With the help of Google sheets, you can eliminate the need for a costly tool for performing this everyday task. Make a work schedule in Google sheets with the following steps-  

  1. Open Google Sheets Template Gallery

In the “about” section of Google sheets, you can select the “business” option. Based on that, you need to sign up as an employer. Click on “start new spreadsheet”, and you will see multiple templates including a chart template, over there. If you click on the “Template gallery”, you can witness many more templates.  

  1. Choose the Template “Schedule”

Select the “Schedule” template from the list of templates. A new document will open with a number of rows and columns.  

  1. Set The Start Date And Title

You will see the tab “Daily Schedule” and “Week Off” options at the top of the schedule. You can set the title of the sheet based on your preferences, and add the starting date for the schedule. You can choose the date from the dropdown calendar. 

  1. Insert The Shifts

You can either create a schedule for a single employee, a remote team, a batch or all the employees in the same tab. With your template all set up, you must now add the shits to the schedule. Fill out the schedule based on your accessibility for effective employee management.  

Best Google Sheets Add-Ons

While Google sheets are a comprehensive package in itself, you can combine them with several tools to enhance its functionality. Some of the useful tools the HRs can use along with Google sheets for employee management are mentioned below-  

  • Sheetgo

Sheetgo is a powerful tool with outstanding features that help HR perform an array of tasks. By adding this to the spreadsheets, an HR can consolidate, append, filter, and distribute the data. It can help employees track hours, and employers can track their expenses. It also provides additional ready-to-use templates for the HRs to use.  

  • TimeOwl

TimeOwl is an amazing time-tracking app for organisations. It uses Google Calendar for tracking the working hours and days of the employees and thus can be integrated into Google sheets. It is easy to set up and use and makes tracking time even easier for employee management. They can share the data of time tracked with anyone, and generate payrolls based on that.  

  • LinkedIn Prospector

This app is highly effective for the hiring and recruiting processes carried out by HRs. It helps you search for the most relevant LinkedIn profiles and store them as a database in Google sheets. This eliminates the extra energy and time wasted by HR in manually searching the candidates.  

  • Employee Onboarding App

With this app, HRs can streamline the onboarding process of new employees. You can hire interns or employees with this app, and ensure that their onboarding to the organisation is smooth. It takes care of multiple elements such as offer letters, IT setup, training information, etc. Also, it provides the new employee with everything they need for the work, including emails, contacts, calendars, etc. It can be integrated with Google sheets for a seamless experience.  


Google sheets are designed to help HRs and other professionals spend less time performing everyday tasks. By using it, HRs can engage their workforce efficiently, and save a lot of time and money while doing so. Also, it is super easy to learn and use, making it a highly effective HR tool for employee management. Start using Google sheets today to get a hold of its functionality and enjoy its features in your everyday work as an HR. 

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