sumHR Easy Money Program


Refer your HR and get Rs 100 rewarded via Paytm cash!



All you need to do is refer us to your HR team and if the referral is valid, you get Rs 100 transferred immediately to your Paytm account! As an added bonus, the person you refer also gets Rs 50 transferred to their Paytm account. Feel free to fill the form as many times as you want.

You share it.

Just refer sumHR to your HR or elsewhere. We will contact them using the details you give us.

You earn money!

Once the referral is validated, you get your money instantly.

Don’t have an HR in your company and still want to earn?

PS: You can refer multiple HR professionals that you know.



How do I refer sumHR?

Simple. Just fill the form on this page or you can also call us at +91 922 221 3195.

When will I receive my Paytm money?

Once we contact your referral and validate their details, we’ll immediately transfer Rs 100 to your Paytm wallet, per valid referral. Your referral will also receive Rs 50 Paytm cash on agreeing to get a free demo of sumHR.

How do I know my referral is valid?

If the company you referred really exists and is not one of our current or previous clients, has not been submitted by someone else before, and has not been rejected previously, then your referral is valid.

How will I know if it is an existing client?

We will send you an email with proof that the company you referred is an existing client. If we are unable to provide proof, then we’ll transfer the money to your Paytm wallet.

What if the company had rejected sumHR before?

If the company you referred has rejected sumHR previously, then it will be considered invalid unless they changed their mind about using sumHR or there is a new HR person in place.

How many companies can I refer?

You can refer us to as many companies and HRs you know. Your spouse’s HR, parent’s company, or a friend who’s an HR. We will be calling them to validate your referral, so make sure they’re someone you know or have heard of.

How will I receive the payment?

No efforts on your side! We will transfer it directly to your Paytm account.

Who will be paid if multiple people from an organisation refer the HR?

The first person to refer is the one who will receive the payment. Get typing, people!


Note: We work between 10am – 7pm every Monday – Friday. In case you refer someone during our non-working hours i.e. at night or on weekends, we will get back to you the next day during our working hours. So you need not fear, you will receive your payment 🙂

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