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What should you look for in a good Human Resource Management System?

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Jay Thaker
July 20, 2016

When businesses are growing at a rapid pace, and people move in and out of organizations in a jiffy (especially at startups); management of Human Resource becomes a crucial task. For instance, payroll management, recruitment planning, leave tracking, attendance monitoring etc. A Human Resource Management System is a programme which helps you take care of these hassles.

One of the important features of a good Human Resource Management System must be ease of operation (the system must not be too difficult to use, obviously). Another feature that you must look for in a good Human Resource Management System is security and efficiency.

But, that’s not all! There are more qualities that a good Human Resource Management System should have.

7 Things to look for in a good Human Resource Management System

7 Things to look for in a good HRMS

#1. Easy to operate

A complex HRM System will result in unnecessary waste of time and resources, in not just planning your HR tasks, but also in setting it up and getting acquainted with the software in the first place. Therefore, companies should opt for an HR management system which can be operated easily so that lesser time is spent on set-up and learning and more on getting results.

#2. Human Resource Management System must be cost-effective

A major component which eats up the profits of a company are the unwanted overheads and cost which can be easily avoided. The lower the operating cost, the higher the profit. Therefore, a good HRM System should come with reasonable operational costs and give good results. This helps in maximizing the profits of the company. Also, a good HRM System should have a low maintenance cost so that lesser money is spent on maintaining it.

#3. Easy management of data

The primary objective of a company in using a Human Resource Management System is employee resource and data management. A good HR system will simplify this process by eliminating the difficulties that arise due to overwhelming data. An HR system should ideally manage your data easily, no matter how vast it gets. It should basically be scalable in nature.

#4. Reliable Software

An ideal Human Resource Management System must have tough, long-lasting software and should be made using world-class coding standards in order to ensure that its users get a superlative user-experience - free from glitches, bugs and unexpected performance issues.

#5. Easily accessible

Nothing would be better if one could access their HRM system anytime, from anywhere. There are instances where HR information might be required by the company urgently and the concerned person is on a leave. In such cases, waiting for him/her is not a viable option. To prevent this from happening, HRM Systems should be available online, which can be easily accessed from anywhere around the world. If need be, the person in charge can retrieve and share the data from his current location. It will save a lot of time and effort as well as provide the users with a ready solution for all times.

#6. Human Resource Management System must cover privacy and security

As we already touched upon this at the start, a good HRM system must have privacy and security aspects covered for its users. The data entered must be stored in a safe place and the security level of data must be high. At the same time, there should be no concerns for the backups and stability of this data in case of crashes or unexpected issues. Ideally having a cloud-based system can take care of this aspect as well.

#7. Something more to look out for...

Apart from the above, there’s something else a good human resource management system should offer - A Social Aspect! With this feature, there can be free and easy communication throughout the enterprise irrespective of someone’s department, location or team. Employees will be able to share updates, create work-groups, give demos & presentations, and communicate urgent messages quickly.

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We hope this article helped you understand the qualities of a good Human Resource Management System and get the perfect HRM System for your company! :)

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Jay Thaker
Jay is the founder at sumHR, an HR Software which helps organisations automate their HR operations and provide employees with a memorable HR experience.
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