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Training and Skill Development: Necessary for Holistic Growth of an Employee



Irrespective of the size of an organisation, it is important to have a talent management system in order to manage the hiring and onboarding process. Since the scope of work has expanded its horizon, hiring the right talent is much more than just reading CVs and then hiring the right candidate. In today’s world, it is equally essential for the company to establish its virtue to attract the right talent. There are many strategies to increase employee retention rates that a company establishes to ensure that the right talent stays around them. Thus, to reach out to the people, a company uses various techniques and tricks to lure talent and keep them motivated about the company.

What is a Talent Management System?

The talent here basically refers to the people being hired. A talent management system is a structured software or application that caters to an organisation’s needs by helping them hire candidates. A talent management system is essential in recruiting the right talent in your company, completing the onboarding process, helping your company’s management team track employee performance, and helping plan the employee structure better. To understand it in a simpler way, a talent management system is software or an application that helps in all the activities of a human resource manager. It helps ease their work in a more systematic and structured manner.

Unlike the traditional system, where the company only relies on their HR managers to fulfil their roles and responsibilities and hire the right candidate, with a talent management system, they can also track the employees and the progress of their employees themselves. Thus, it helps establish a tracking system to check the work of an HR manager. In the longer run, it helps create a structure based on which the company functions. Therefore, it contributes majorly to the overall growth of the company.

Talent management systems help in the successful recruitment process, employee experience, employee engagement, employee satisfaction, performance management, talent acquisition, recognising talent pools, employee development, fulfills employee expectations, increased employee retention, reduced employee turnover rate and lays a foundation for a successful employee journey overall.

SumHR is a cloud-based company that caters to all the HR needs of a company, such as payroll and employee management.

Need for a Talent Management System

Here is why you must consider investing in a talent management system –

Automate the Hiring Process

Employees are the backbone of any organisation and play a vital role in its growth and development. Therefore, hiring the perfect candidate for the job is essential. As the company sees progress and scales, the need to hire more and more employees becomes a necessity. However, if hiring is done by the traditional method, the chances of landing the right candidate each time are less than while working with the software. Talent management strategies use databases, insights and the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence, to look for the right candidate for the job.

Improves the Quality of Hired Candidates

Throughout this article, we stressed hiring the right candidate for the job. But how do we achieve this? Talent management technologies understand the need for the job role and set filters while processing the applicants. In this way, an HR manager only receives qualified and perfect applications for the job. This tool or software will help you streamline and strategize the hiring process by eliminating the less preferred candidates and saving you time and energy. It is an amazing way to automate the hiring process, something that the company often stresses.

Easy Management

The HR manager’s roles and responsibilities also include looking over each employee. This includes assigning them tasks, checking their progress, following up with their presence, granting and rejecting leaves, etc. It is their job to ensure that the company’s work doesn’t suffer because of the employees. For example, if an employee is on leave, the HR manager is responsible for ensuring that their work is reallocated or managed in such a way that it doesn’t affect the company or its clients in a negative way.

As the size of the company increases, so does this responsibility. It becomes more and more challenging to manage and organise work in a systematic way. Chances of everything falling apart in the traditional system is quite possible. To compensate for this, companies hire more HR managers, which makes things even more tricky for the upper panel. Instead, a talent management system is what is necessary here to help smoothen things out.

Systematic Data Sharing

While working in the same company or a project, employees often need to access the same data. This brings upon a series of emails, uploads on drives and sharing links and access. Honestly, this can get a little messy and frustrating. What is needed here is a streamlined process and a common space where data sharing is easily possible and accessible to all employees. Having a portal where data sharing is possible is a boon for many medium to large-scale organisations as this helps in ease of work.

Moreover, if data is being shared with the help of a single portal, storage is another problem that can be solved. Instead of each employee saving data on their personal laptops, they all can upload their work on the portal itself. In case an employee leaves work or is absent, where the work needs to be allotted to someone else, this system helps the other person be in the loop of the current updates.

Retaining Candidates

When it comes to working in a company, candidates prefer working in one where the work is more systematic and structured. Employees understand the importance of a workplace which offers a streamlined process as it is better to manage and understand the work requirements. Working at such a place makes them feel valuable and less burdened.

A talent management system is the perfect way to ensure that candidates work in a systematic way, leaving behind no loopholes. It improves the employee-company relationship and enhances positivity. Since a talent management system helps the HR managers to evaluate the work of the employees better, it is also a great way of compensating and rewarding them.

Enhances a positive work culture and experience

There are basically two types of people, who go for work, one who loves going to work and is passionate about it, and the second who is simply doing it for the sake of doing it. The only way to attract the second group of people to the first one is by appreciating their presence and making them understand their importance within the company.

An organised way to work where employees clearly know what they are working on, their assigned targets and completed tasks can help them improve. This structure helps them understand their weaknesses and how they can overcome them. When they see the tasks being submitted on time and track their progress, it builds up a sense of confidence in them to do something better and gain more. It is a great way to motivate candidates and help them have a better experience.

A Guide to selecting the right Talent Management System for your Company

There are many talent management software that floods the market. The question to ask here is which one perfectly fits the needs of your company. Here are some things that you must consider before finalising a talent management system –

Understand the Size of your Company

The larger the size of the company, the more complex the work gets. As the size of the company increases, so does its need for management and hiring. Thus, it is essential to select a talent management system that can successfully manage all the employees and cater to their needs. On the other hand, a small-sized company is more inclusive and needs to work on expanding its business. In this situation, it should be possible to customise the settings of the software as per the needs.

Take a Demo Session

Most talent management strategies work on the basis of their software. This might also get challenging for you and your team members to understand. Thus, most companies offer demos and free one-month sessions for you to understand its working and system.

Since a talent management system is a long-term plan, it is important to carefully analyse the system and understand if it suits your needs. It is essential to understand the way it functions, or it may end up creating havoc for you and messing things up badly. Understanding the working, configuration and how exactly the software functions can also help you devise better plans and objectives for the future.


A talent management system is software which helps your company take better care of the HR management segment of the company. It helps in automating and streamlining the process, to produce better outputs as results, such as hiring the right candidate and managing in-office work better. Speaking of hiring candidates, if your company is looking for a system specifically dedicated to providing hiring services, check out SumHR now.

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