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Top 9 Best Software To Track the Productivity Of Remote Workforce

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Disha Suresh
March 8, 2021

The virtual world has opened up so many opportunities in the field of business. It has made the life of workers easy and breezy!

The advent of remote teams and workplaces has revolutionized the business industry. People find it amusing to utilize their unique locations remotely to perform their daily business tasks.

More people are tuning in to the world of remote working as it offers solutions to the issues of flexibility, space, and functionality. There is an overall positive change in the life of a remote worker, especially during Covid 19.

Employees can contribute more and ignite their creative selves. The metrics prove this right.

According to a recent report, in the last five years, remote work grew to 44%, and over the previous ten years, it grew up to 91%.

But this convenient method comes at a cost - it is increasingly difficult for HR managers to monitor the workflow of remote teams who use a flexible workspace.

It is a troubling task to keep a note of the productivity levels of your remote employees during these trying times! How can you keep an eye on employee activity and progress while confined to the four walls of your office?

Well, the answer can be found right inside your computer system. Install employee monitoring software and witness the magic that unfolds!

Specialized HR software can help you in reporting the metrics of each worker. It allows businesses to focus on employee productivity tracking.

Before choosing employee monitoring systems that suit your business priorities, let us understand their components, offers, and benefits.

Read through the detailed section and gather insights for achieving your business goals and encouraging productive employees.

Let's start with the most basic question.

What is employee monitoring software?

Employee monitoring software uses tools and systems to measure employee productivity in an efficient and fast-paced manner. It allows businesses to cast a watchful and responsible eye on employee activity, no matter where in the world they are.

Such systems start from the surface level of remote employee monitoring. It can track the period of time remote employees are working, where they are working from, and how productive they are.

You can use the software to ensure that your teammates are adhering to the productivity metric. This ensures proper team communication and a reduction of idle time spent by employees. You can also get detailed reports about the progress of each work goal.

Now that you got a glimpse of what employee monitoring software is, let's get further into the business.

What good do employee monitoring tools do for controlling the remote workforce? How is it beneficial for HR in SME?

Let us answer these questions in the next section.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software:

Employee monitoring software is beneficial in keeping track of workforce productivity due to the following factors:

Benefits of employee monitoring software

1. Efficiency

Good employee monitoring solutions ensure that all your workers complete tasks in their best capacity while following company rules and upholding responsibilities.

2. Productivity

With the help of employee productivity tracking tools, you can establish a strong system of workflows. It will help in increasing the team spirit of your coworkers and in overcoming all challenges.

3. Accountability

Managers can now pinpoint unproductive employees through the productivity tool. If you lack trust in your employees' working approach, you can now virtually track them. This will make them feel responsible and build a sense of accountability for their actions.

4. Tracking

The software makes use of GPS to carry out all steps and company procedures accurately. You can monitor each step of your employees on the platform.

5. Time-saving

It is high time you leave the traditional ways of monitoring and take the aid of a software program. You will save plenty of time and utilize it to focus on other areas of the organization.

Different types of employee monitoring software

Now that you are overwhelmed by the never ending benefits of employee monitoring software for your mobile workforce, next comes the most crucial step: Choosing the best software suitable for your business needs.

There are different types of productivity tracking solutions available in the market, each with its own unique specifications. Here is the list of the most effective and successful employee monitoring software programs:

a. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is one of the most efficient time tracking solution that can easily track your workers' productivity status. It makes use of efficient time tracking methods to find out how your employees use their office time.

The time tracking app is very user-friendly. Employees just need to start and stop the timer, and the app will record the time they are working. The app also works on many devices and helps in tracking the sites visited by the employees during work hours.

Moreover, the timesheet reports and inactivity trackers will note all the times that employees are idle and ensure their productivity.

b. Harvest

Harvest is an advanced software tool that makes use of integrated technology to bring out the best results. It helps you track employee working hours, handle the payroll system, and sync with other devices all at the same time.

The app can be used to effectively integrate with more than a thousand different products like project management software, video conference tools and more. You can also easily adjust the billing rates and invoice options to get better results.

The automatic syncing capabilities help maintain a flexible working pattern that will bring out the best of employees.

c. ClickTime

Who can afford to lose their valuable time? Definitely not an HR of a business aiming at success. ClickTime is an effective time-tracking tool that will make sure that your employees are keeping up with their deadlines.

The app's highly organized dashboard and project insights will provide you with a clear picture of the ongoing work situation. Even though it is available at quite an expensive rate, the automated design and customized working resources are worth it all.

The timely notifications will make ensures that your team is on the right track. This can also serve to motivate them and lead the business forward.

d. Hours

If you are looking out for simple monitoring software that can track the work performance of your employees, then this is the one. Hours are easy-to-handle monitoring software.

You will get accurate notifications about when the timer goes on and off. There is also the option to view timesheets in graph forms for effective understanding and quick solutions.

Although you cannot integrate this tool very easily, this simple time-tracker can help you get timely reports of all work schedules and individual performance rates. It has enhanced syncing options to make the process easier.

e. Toggl

Toggl is the perfect monitoring software that deals with both project management and time tracking in an uncomplicated way. It supports more than a hundred different tools and is characterized by advanced features.

The special keyboard tracking option will help you get administrative access to employee activity during working hours. The simple user-interface and automatic virtual timesheets are a boon for businessmen.

You have the option to derive real-time reports in different formats like PDF or CSV files, which will help you run an analysis at your convenience. It is available in different variants with unique features and specifications.

f. Everhour

Everhour is one of the best employee monitoring software with the ability to integrate with more than a thousand apps of different types. You can view the activities of all the individuals and teams in your organization through its live time-tracking options.

You can make use of the advanced billing options and generate invoices in multiple currencies. It supports major browsers and websites like Chrome or Firefox and does the cation without any glitch.

You can organize active team workshops and meetings and make use of the Everhour tool with different apps to measure the overall process. The clients can get easy access to time reports through a special client portal.

g. Timely

Timely software makes use of modernized techniques to track time efficiently. So, it will ease the challenges that HR managers go through. You can easily keep track of the bills and payment records and assess the effort and performance of each employee.

The detailed timesheets and reports can be used to improve actions in the future and boost team productivity and interactions. Even though the dashboards are a bit hard to manage in the beginning due to their advanced features, it will get better with practice.

The software has strong data networking properties that can transform the working process into an easy and flexible experience.

h. Timeneye

Timeneye is a  specialized time tracking software that provides detailed individual time reports. By analyzing the performance graph of each person's work habits and analytics separately, it becomes easier to form strategies to handle poor time management and implement controls to improve employee performance.

A special option for a calendar view of reports will give a clear picture of the work details and thus help in making decisions for a better working process.

But, the software could be a little expensive, and it doesn’t support offline functions or produce invoices. It offers specialized free plan options, and the price depends on the total number of employees working in your company.

i. sumHR

If you are looking out for specialized employee monitoring software that can take care of all remote workspace needs, sumHR software is the best pick for you.

What makes sumHR software unique?

Here are the features that make sumHR one of the best software to track the productivity of remote workforces in companies.

  • Proficient time tracking tools: The advanced features of the software offer real-time attendance monitoring services by making use of an advanced time clock and biometric integrations for accurate results.
  • Manage HR duties: The HRMS software is equipped with distinct features that will ease the burden of HR and allows them to check each employee and give them personalized attention in a remote working model.
  • Advanced shift management: SumHR allows HR to track, manage, and set different shift systems, allowing a more streamlined remote or hybrid work model.
  • Performance review system: The SumHR software gives the opportunity to set defined goals, review the performance of each employee, and motivate them to do better and be their competent self.
  • Attendance tracking: With this application, organizations can set up attendance and absenteeism guidelines and automate the processing of both.

Choose sumHR and change your business fortune.

Because work from home is the new normal, right? Especially after the coronavirus pandemic, the need for a proper employee monitoring policy and strict establishment of remote management is at an all-time high.

But with it comes both pros and cons. While it provides a flexible working space for the companies, your HR manager needs to keep track of employees and their workload in a more robust manner.

Luckily, this digital age has given many incentives for the Human Resource departments around the world, trying to multitask without facing any trouble. The seemingly complex task can be easily broken down into simple procedures with the aid of sumHR and its software tools.

sumHR can be even more beneficial for business of all sizes because it allows you mange your resources in terms of payroll, performance, attendance and much more.

The specifications mentioned above and the applications of employee monitoring software will help you run the business without compromising the productivity of your workforce.

Go ahead and choose sumHR, a one-stop destination for all your HR problems!

Book your free demo by clicking here or start your 7 day free trial.

If you have any questions drop it down in the comment section below.

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Disha Suresh
Disha is a content writer at sumHR with over a year of experience in creating website content and copy, long-form articles and user-oriented blogs.
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