Time and Attendance Software: What Should You Expect?

Team sumHR
November 14, 2016

Before we begin, let me make one thing clear - 90% of HR softwares do not offer Time and Attendance Software.

What is a Time and Attendance Software?

Time and attendance software is designed to keep a track of working hours of the employees. It is also used to keep records of wages and salaries paid. This type of software is common in businesses of all sizes.

time and attendance software
Time and Attendance software by sumHR

Why Should You Opt For a Time and Attendance Software

Time and Attendance Software offers Attendance and Timekeeping solutions. Timekeeping features offered by an HR software differ from the one another. A  software that exclusively handles only project tracking would offer different features. Compared to a time tracking software that also supports attendance monitoring.

A timekeeping system without attendance management is only meant to track how long an employee takes to finish a project.

Their settings differ from those of a time and attendance system,  which offers to view error-free employee data and attendance logs. A simple time tracking software would feature to create new projects and assign a time period accordingly. Employees can check how long it took them to finish that particular project. This can help in improving their time management skills and also help employers to notice how well an employee is doing.

Setting a limit in the time management software on how long an employee can take throughout the week also prevents them from being overworked and which further leads to them being dissatisfied with their job. But this can also be achieved with an attendance monitoring software that provides a complete overview of every employees’ working hours through the week/month, daily work duration, punctuality, and some additional features.

Why opt for a Time and Attendance Management software? Here's why.

Increased Productivity

Even if employees are salaried, time and attendance software can help managers to track productivity and determine ways to improve organizational efficiency and labor management. The software helps in saving time and efforts. The human resources department doesn't require to compile time cards and calculate payroll. This helps in utilizing time for more productive uses.

Reduction of Errors

Human error is always a factor when processes are completed manually. The time and attendance software virtually eliminate the possibility of errors. It also ensures greater accuracy in employee compensation and labor tracking.

Automatic Documentation

If there's any problem with an employee’s attendance, automatic time and attendance tracking help a lot. The software makes it much simpler to obtain the proper documentation. Working hours are conveniently tracked daily, so it is easy to compile reports that show patterns of absenteeism. These reports are vital when firing problematic employees or in coaching employees that are habitually late.

The best time and attendance software contains;

1) Biometric Attendance System

Most companies these days are opting for biometric attendance systems. With registers or card systems, there’s always a chance of buddy punching. While this was acceptable in college to a certain level, it’s definitely unacceptable at work where a company is investing in you. A fingerprint attendance system can completely eliminate the chances of fraud that may be committed by any employee.

biometric time and attendance system

Biometric Time and Attendance systemBiometric time and attendance software can be easily integrated with an attendance software to get real-time data for report generation. This is also extremely cost-effective as there’s no need for splurging on anything other than the actual machine. A fingerprint attendance system erases the need for other variables such as separate cards for every employee that would be a necessity when using other systems like a card scanner. With a biometric attendance system, even if an employee leaves the organization, all you need to do is delete their data. Adding a new employee is just as easy; simply register their fingerprint immediately without any hassles.

2) Break-Time Tracking Software

Some time tracking software also has a unique feature for break duration policies. What this basically means is that with a break-time tracking policy in place, employees can clock-in and clock-out multiple times throughout the day. The first punch-in of the day is the official clock-in time at work. The last time an employee clocks-out is the official clock-out time. This has to be one of the best time tracking software features.

3) Web Login System

Along with a biometric time and attendance system, a timekeeping system should also offer a web login system as a backup. This is really beneficial in case an employee is working from home or is working from another location due to a meeting or similar reasons.

A web login system enables you to clock-in from anywhere, at any time directly through the website. You can clock-in simply by clicking a click of a button. Apart from traveling on-the-job, this employee time tracking software feature can also be useful in case an employee is working a night shift from a different location or is in a different time-zone. Since this is accessible via the website, there’s no time period as to when the employee can clock-in as long as it does not break company policies.

web login attendance software
Web login Attendance software

4) Attendance Monitoring

The most basic feature of any HR software offering a time and attendance software is an employee attendance monitoring system. It’s a monstrous task to keep track of when every employee walks into the office. And more so when you need to allot different time slots to employees based on their job roles.

You can easily design different attendance policies for every team and assign them accordingly with one click. Everything you would need in an attendance tracker is right in front of you. View your employees’ clock-in and clock-out timings or accept/reject/revoke leaves, all in one spot. You get access to all past records of the employee’s attendance as well.

Employee time tracking with an integrated attendance tracker is a better option than simple time management software. Because it offers features like time tracking and working hour management as well as attendance monitoring.

These are some of the features that a good time tracking software must offer. All the features mentioned above are available on sumHR, a cloud-based HRMS software that streamlines your entire HR process.

If you’d like to try out a software that offers the above-mentioned features and much more, give us a call at +91 922 221 3195 / +91 922 221 3191 now.

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