Track attendance & time off

Run attendance tracking like clockwork

From variety of shifts to flexibility in leaves, from bringing punctuality to monitoring overtime - if you're looking for worry-free attendance tracking, you can stop the search now.

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Time-keeping & Attendance policies for every need

We understand your need to track the time you're paying for, especially when it comes to employee's attendance. Our powerful configurations will let you create comprehensive time tracking and time-off/leave policies that align with your needs.

WFH or out-duty, track time wherever it's clocked

In many industries today, it doesn't matter where employees work from as long as they can execute their responsibilities, and be good at it. While you focus on helping them do their job, leave the time-tracking on us. We enable you to run attendance for a remote team, without having to run after them for it.

Not a shift planner, we built you a time machine

If you've got a roster than spans across multiple shifts and time-zones, you can stop the juggling now. Plan future shift assignments or make changes to the past, we've got a time-machine that'll give you the power.
Single shift (day or night)
Single day multi shift
Back-up shifts
sumHR allows my team to work on more creative, innovative and people-focused HR practices while it takes care of automating all the administrative HR processes. My favorite is the super-supportive team - always at your beck and call, with a smile.
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We're a perfect match for your biometric devices

RFID cards, fingerprints or facial recognition - whatever may be your mojo, we've got integrations with (almost) every biometric device out there. Get a dashboard to manage multiple device deployments and sync all logs from across different locations.

Plot them on a map, not in a sheet. Capture attendance by location.

Paid add-on
GPS has definitely revolutionized how we live, travel and look at maps. Yet, many haven't seen the full power of GPS until it's applied to your regular HR process of tracking attendance on a daily basis.
GPS location
Anti-spoofing detection

Everyone deserves a break, make it simpler to take.

Help your employees maintain a healthy lifestyle and a fair balance between work and whatever else that makes them happy. Available leave balance, annual holiday calendars, optional holidays or finding colleagues on leave - applications, notifications and approvals - make it simple, not awkward.
Earned leave
Medical leave
Parental leave
Sabbatical vacation
...and many more

Policies for work-life-balance, not leave balance.

Implementing leave policies that balance management objectives with employee expectations isn't easy. That's why we've made ample room for your flexibility so that you can meet your goals without focusing on the math.
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