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How To Retain Employees: 5 Useful & Innovative Ways

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Ankkita Chauhan
October 24, 2012

During school and university, getting bored of the monotonous lecture after lecture wasn’t anything alien. In such events, professors usually prepped up the class with movies and activities on issues that were taught that week. Much like employee engagement activities that help spruce up a work place. This is done by driving away an employee’s boredom through some exciting and out of the ordinary employee engagement ideas. While employee engagement is one way to retain employees, there are several others that increase the likelihood of an employee staying on board.

Here are five useful and innovative ways to retain employees:

Lighten the mood

Whenever time permits, do something fun and non-work related with your employees. Watch a movie together, start a book club in the office, have potluck once a month, organize an assorted donut day, etc. Such activities help employees divert their mind from work stress.

Help each other

Have people from very different departments help each other out. This will not only help them socialize with people of different personalities and keep things interesting, but also help bring about a friendly work environment. Knowing as many people in the workplace as possible renders a sense of familiarity and comfort. Hence, you should have an accountant help your graphic designer with ideas once in a while.

Give ‘em a break

There are those days where one just can’t seem to concentrate and a 20-min power nap just isn’t enough. Give your employee a break. Give them a half day or ask them to finish their task for the day and take a holiday. Avoid making this habitual, but if you just can’t help but notice when your employee is sad… give them a break.

Orientation & training

If you see your employee getting frustrated every time he/she does some assignment incorrectly, train him/her. Better knowledge of the work leads to better quality service in record time. Also, everyone does tend to get a little content when assignments and work styles are mastered with ease.


Build and maintain friendly relationships within the workplace. Animosity between co-workers leads to jealousy, cliques, cut-throat attitudes, unnecessary drama, and unwanted problems. There is no way to really force people to be friends, but make it a compulsion to be cordial and polite with one another. The moment you sense negative feelings between people, sort out the matter as soon as possible.

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Ankkita Chauhan
Ankita is a content writer at SocioSquares. She has 4+ years hands-on experience in copywriting, marketing and social media.
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