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Programmatic Job Advertising: Recruiting Strategy


Hiring the perfect candidate and talent acquisition are the two leading problems that trouble most organisations. Since the company employees are responsible for the organisation’s overall success, selecting them wisely is necessary. In today’s time, there is a vast candidate pool out there who randomly apply for jobs via various portals. However, it lands in the hands of the human resource management department to select the best candidate for the job. But how does one select the perfect candidate pool to apply for the job? Through programmatic job advertising!

What Is Programmatic Job Advertising?

Reaching out to a larger mass of people is important if you wish to reach the right candidate with the ideal candidate profile. This is precisely what we hope to achieve from programmatic advertising. Technology is used to distribute job ads on various platforms. Job ads also contain the important details of the job, such as job description, roles and responsibilities and the approximate budget. This technology helps in optimising jobs at distribution over various search engines. Unlike traditional recruitment advertising, the programmatic strategy uses a machine-driven approach.

Factors Considered By Programmatic Job Advertising

The concept of programmatic job advertising is based on certain factors, which are –

  • Right Platform

There are thousands of job ad platforms over the internet. However, not all job platforms are worth the time and effort. This technology shall only post your job ads on platforms that are effective and where there is a scope for finding target candidates.

  • Target Timing

Different people check for jobs at different times. Programmatic advertising works based on data analytics. They ensure that your ad is displayed when your target audience is at its peak. This way, there are more chances of people seeing your ad.

  • Budgeting

Most organisations have a set budget or hiring costs when it comes to job advertising. Based on your job ad spend, this system will circulate your job ad. The system also uses AI-powered job recruiting technology and machine learning to help your ad reach more people and increase the chances of an automated process.

  • Controlling The Number Of Applicants

The purpose of using this technique is not to receive a large number of applicants but to get top-quality candidates. This tool shall customise your job ad, so open positions are always available for the right candidate with an ideal candidate profile.

Benefits Of Programmatic Job Advertising

There are several ways and techniques to get the target candidate for the job. Then, why should you go for programmatic advertising? Here’s why-

  • Urgent Need To Hiring

During the pandemic, several layoffs were seen globally to compensate for the loss of business. Recently, the markets have started rising again. Sales have reached their peak and have been rising ever since. Thus, it created a scarcity of hard-working and efficient employees in most companies. This paves the way for the urgent hiring of the right candidates. However, at the same time, there is a larger group of job seekers who are desperate for the job, which makes getting the right candidate even more difficult.

  • Cost-effective

Even though recruitment plays a major role in the success of an organisation, most companies do not allocate a major recruitment advertising budget to it. The HR manager often stressed how to carry on hiring in such a small amount. With a programmatic approach, they do not need to worry anymore. This cost-friendly technology uses data insights and analytics for talent acquisition. With the help of this system, companies do not need to hire several managers to fulfil the HR roles and responsibilities specifically for talent acquisition, as this technology does the majority of the work.

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  • High-quality Candidates

Most job hiring software focuses on reaching only a large mass of people. This helps them get several candidates to apply for the job. However, there is no demarcation on the quality or relevance of candidates. On the other hand, programmatic advertising uses advanced technology and artificial intelligence to segregate job seekers based on your advertisement. This way, companies can reach out to top-quality candidates for the job.

  • Completely Transparent And Reliable

Programmatic job advertising works in real-time applications. They work across internet portals as well as job sites. Unlike other advertising sites, this doesn’t work on a pay-per-click basis, where all you can see in the name of candidates is the number of times people have clicked on the site.

  • Increases Productivity

Traditionally, HR managers eagerly wait for applicants to send their resumes, go through every application, and then sort relevant candidates. This manual process takes up a lot of time and effort. Now, artificial intelligence is being used worldwide. This helps to eliminate the entire manual process, as the system automatically sorts through candidates and shows only the relevant applicants. Better productivity and efficiency are seen this way.

  • Predictability

Programmatic platforms are a much more predictable process. Recruiters know what they shall be expecting when they are seeking applicants. This system helps them get the right candidate for the job.

How Does Programmatic Job Advertising Work?

Programmatic job advertising isn’t as simple as it seems. There are several things that you must know about its working before stepping into the process. There are certain components based on which the system functions. Here is how it works-

1. Artificial Intelligence

Let us understand this, taking a quite relevant example. What would you do as an HR manager for the recruitment process if this technology didn’t exist? You shall first focus on recruitment advertising and post it on several job portals. Then, you shall wait till you get applicants and go through each profile. Based on your checklist, you shall scrutinise the profiles received.

What about a technology that works on the same system without human involvement? This is what artificial intelligence is. It is a technology that uses machine-based intelligence. This works on the basis of numerical values, data, and insights and does its analysis to sort through applicants.

Based on your job requirements, this software understands who is the best target audience for it. Thus, it shall create a strategy to reach out to the right applicant, such as selecting the right job portal, search engine optimization, calculating the time of posting the advertisement, etc. This increases the chances of your ad post reaching the right candidate.

2. Campaign Management

In a real-world scenario, there are several companies in the market who are looking to hire candidates with a similar profile as yours. Thus, it is important that your job ad reaches your potential candidate first and they are compelled to be a part of your organisation. This is what is meant by campaign management. In simpler words, it is a recruitment marketing strategy that helps you reach your destination. 

There are four parameters that contribute to campaign management –

  1. Activation – Actively reaching out to the candidates is only possible if a time management strategy is involved. There must be a time when the job is activated, based on when the relevant users browse through the job ad portals.
  1. Target audience – Several job ad portals and search engines help to hire candidates. But how do you select the right platform? This is done on the basis of the target audience. Artificial intelligence technology used by programmatic platforms runs an analysis to understand where you can find your target audience. Based on this information, it releases the ad only at such sites.
  1. Lookalike audience – The software analyses your requirements based on your preferences and how you sort your applications. Thus, it focuses more on targeting audiences with similar backgrounds.
  1. Automated and optimised distribution – The software only targets relevant candidates. This reduces a lot of time and energy going through irrelevant profiles.

3. Works On The Concept Of Insights

Insights are a powerful thing when it comes to digital advertising. These numbers and percentages speak a lot about people, their background, usage time, optimum timing, days of the week, etc. Based on these parameters, it is possible for you to determine the right time to post an advertisement to reach a larger mass of relevant candidates. Furthermore, it helps to produce unbiased and authentic results, which helps you maintain diversity in the workplace.


There is a need for a qualified talent pool and employees as businesses take a surge. HR managers are loaded with the pressure of hiring new prospective candidates in bulk. With programmatic job advertising, this process has become much easier, simpler and more efficient. It takes the help of the latest technology in artificial intelligence, which helps reach the right candidate in a faster and more effective manner.

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