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Product Update: New look & features, better request management, lucid payroll, more power to you!

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Jay Thaker
April 26, 2015

Hey everyone! I’m back for an announcement with a bag full of new features and product enhancements for you. :)

This time we've baked new feature for you in all sizes, big and small. Here’s a list to showcase them all below:


We went live with our swanky new user-interface design, bring a completely new, fresh and more simplified sumHR to all our customers. Some notable points about this development include:

1. Totally new layout: Entire product layout, each page and its elements are now completely new.

2. New colour scheme: Our product brand theme of green, white and greys has been used as main colours.

3. New navigation menu: All primary and secondary navigation is now on top, in a horizontal bar within the header.

4. Better access: All routine operations like requests, posting updates, etc., are accessible easily in one-click.

5. Pending Invites: After importing employee data, the company directory page now highlights the employees with pending invites.

6. Account Ownership Transfer: The ownership rights of an account can now be transferred to another admin account.


1. Financial Year Toggle: Now employees and admins alike, can toggle between the current and any previous financial year payroll details in the employee payroll page.

2. Bulk Update for CTC: Changing the CTC structure of a large number of employees? Don't fret! Now you can import and export the CTC details of employees in bulk.

Bulk update for CTC


3. Additional fields to PF Month Report: PF Month Report in the Payroll Roster now includes entries like DOB, Age & Father name to help in better depth of data.


1. More powers for better Request management: We've observed that managers and admins, both end up flooded with numerous requests towards the end of month. Now you can not only view them all in the requests page, but preview each request right there (without clicking), take actions within the listed preview itself! This and much more, will make request management a breeze.

Leave Balance


2. Quick preview of leave balance: Before approving any leave request, now managers will get a much fuller and informative snapshot of the employee’s current leave balance status.

Request Management


3. Rename Unpaid Leaves: We've included an option for you to rename the default name for “Unpaid Leaves” too.

Leave Balance 2


4. Auto-leave deductions on manager approval: If you’re using the automatic leave deductions for Absent Marks, or Late Marks, this can be a useful feature for you. You can now enable “Leave deduction on manager approval” giving your managers more control over which leaves should/should not be deducted.

5. Delete Attendance Log: Employee clocked in by mistake, while still on leave? Or she came in for the day, but left immediately due to an emergency? No worries, as an Admin, now you can now wipe clean any attendance logs, for any particular date, with just one click.

6. More fields for Attendance Assignments report: Besides the existing fields of Shift, Attendance Policy and Weekly Off, we’ve updated this report with fields like, Mode of clocking in, IP restriction (with IP network names), Clock-in reminder, Absent reminder.


1. Tag Cloud: To aid employees in search for tags, identify common tags, etc. We've presented them together in Streams(left navigation); ordered by "Most frequently used" tags on top.

Tag cloud


2. Refined Calendar View: Now the calendar entries can be restricted as per the administrator varying the view to be open to all or department based.


1. Direct cloud sync devices: Now sumHR comes with the biometric attendance monitoring through eSSL PUSH devices. No need to have an internal system for syncing clock-in entries. All the data is uploaded to the cloud directly.

2. Black & White device support: We have now supplemented the option to configure and download Black & White device app from the biometric download section.


Filtered Manager Reports: As a manager, sorting the report data to illustrate only the details of your reportees has been a tedious task. Now we bring a change in this practice by upgrading our reports and rosters view to show the managers all the required information of their reportees.

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