Product Update: Introducing Loans and Advances, Payroll Dashboard and much more!

Jay Thaker
January 14, 2015

Happy new year, once again. Hope you had a blast bringing in 2015, we sure did! I'm back to surprise you with a new set of features which just went live.


1. Loans and Advances

This was a much awaited feature for us, especially since some of you have been demanding it for long. You can walk over to any employee's Payroll Profile page and under the Loans & Advances section, manage all tasks related to the employee's loans or advances.

New Payroll Dashboard

(Click image to enlarge)

2. New Payroll Dashboard page

In keeping with our goal to ease your payroll worries, we've taken the first step by providing you with a simple, clean and informative "Dashboard" for payroll data. This new page will give you a quick overview of previous month's payroll status, and upcoming payroll info.

Loans ans Advances

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3. New Pay Package page

The pay package page was a dull and drab one earlier, I personally wasn't very satisfied with it either. We've spruced it up with a bit of colour, a better layout, and changed the way each CTC change is recorded/displayed to you and the employee now.

New Pay Package Page

(Click image to enlarge)


1. Compensatory Off

Earlier we used to show only the comp-off balance report, clubbed into one of the other leave summary reports. However, now you get dedicated reports for keeping track of compensatory offs in your company.2. Annual Leave Tracker - This is a big report, it consolidates the entire years' leave history of each employee and presents it to you in a easy fashion. It will give you 3 pieces of important information, (a) Leave credited so far, (b) Leaves available right now and (c) Leaves taken by the employee in each month this year.


Now you can create holidays for future years as well (which you couldn't earlier). What's more, you can define which holidays are recurring every year (fixed dates) so that you don't need to re-create them every year. Our system will automatically create them every new year.

Oh and btw, the New User-Interface I talked about couple of months ago is already baking in the oven. We'll be presenting it soon too! :)

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Jay Thaker
Jay is the founder at sumHR, an HR Software which helps organisations automate their HR operations and provide employees with a memorable HR experience.
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