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Performance Management Software: 12 Reasons To Use Employee Performance Tracking Software


A long, long time ago, there was once a boss who looked at an employee and thought, “Hey, you’ve been doing a great job. Let’s give you a promotion!”. And thus began the performance management software.

Be it a tech startup, a small/medium-sized business, or a corporation; they all need some kind of performance management software in place. Performance reviews take place monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually, depending on the choice of the reviewer or the need for review. While a full-time employee might only need a yearly review, someone on probation would require one as soon as their probation period is over. While your organization might have a payroll software system in place for performance evaluation, that does not mean it’s a good one.

The old way of tracking every employee’s tenure at your organization is too time-consuming for this day and age. You need something quick, something you don’t have to keep checking on constantly, something that is automated. What you need is performance management software. Now you obviously won’t just use it because I said so, which is why I’ve backed my statement up with an explanation too.

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Here are 12 reasons why you should use Performance Management Software:

1. Employees can review themselves

Performance management software allows employees to feel like they have a voice too. When employees get the chance to express their views and place their case in point, it makes them feel important. This can lead to an improvement in their performance knowing that their work and opinions matter to the organization.

2. Improves performance

With both the reviewer and the reviewee getting an opportunity to express their outlooks. it makes it easier to discuss the points or areas that need to be worked on. Once they get the chance to explain their side, there can be a mutual understanding of the weak and strong points of the employee. This clear understanding can largely lead to an improvement in the employee’s performance once they know what their problem areas are.

3. Time-saving

With software, you only have to set and design policies for entire departments at once. Then you can just assign these policies to employees based on their team, department, position without having to constantly make a new one every time. What’s more, is that you don’t need to create new policies for every new employee. All you need to do is assign them the relevant one.

4. Automated reminders

Once you’ve assigned policy and set a reminder, you can forget about it. The performance management system will remind you when the time comes based on when you’ve opted to receive notifications. These reminders erase the need to cross-check or go back to see when the last review was done to decide a time for the next review.

5. Timely feedback

Having an automated reminder in place allows you to set varying time-periods for when you want to review an employee. For example, you can set a monthly review system for employees on probation or half-yearly feedbacks for permanent employees. The choices are all yours to make, so there’s no need to have a single annual feedback system for everyone.

performance management software

6. No paperwork

Save paper, go green! There is no paperwork required when dealing with performance appraisal software. This reduces the chances of human error in the document itself as well as things getting lost or misplaced, which is practically impossible with software. No paperwork also makes it economically beneficial.

7. Secure and confidential

Appraisal processes are extremely confidential. Since all this data is not accessible by anyone other than the admin, the risk of fraud is reduced. Further, with no paperwork involved, there won’t be a chance of someone coming across confidential details such as a manager’s final review about an employee and his compensation. This makes performance appraisal systems absolutely secure.

8. Easily track past records

Performance management software provides you with all the details you need in one single place. Get every employee’s past reviews, and even compare them with their current performance if needed! No need to scroll through pages and pages of past records. You can also view all pending reviews to be up-to-date with what’s due.

9. Generate report and graphical analysis

Once a review has been completed, a performance management software system can give you a detailed report on the outcome. Along with this, you also get a to-the-point graphical analysis of the review to help you understand the outcome better.

performance management software

10. 360-degree feedback

Performance management system software allows you to select who reviews an employee. Apart from managers, you can also select team members that they coordinate regularly to review an employee on their work. After everyone including the reviewer has done their part of the work, the admin himself has the right to go through the review and approve or disapprove it. This helps in getting an all-round review to clarify things down to the smallest point and eliminate any confusion.

11. Behaviour and work results

Apart from delivering at work, it’s also important to see whether an employee is comfortable working at an organization or with the people around them. Employee performance tracking system also allows you to review an employee based on their attitude at work and behaviour with the people around them.

12. Achieve transparency

With both parties getting a chance to share their thought processes, their reasons, and explanations while filling in their reviews, performance management system software allows for total transparency. When you get to place everything on the table, it reduces any confusion and helps dispose of the issues that might be bothering someone.

performance appraisal software smoothens out the process of reviews, confirmations, and appraisals and also saves a huge amount of time. This software is the latest trend and for a very good reason.

Of you’d like to hop on the trend wagon and try out an affordable performance management software, give us a call at +91 922 221 3195 or drop an email at buzz {@] anytime.

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