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Enterprise Social Network Free

sumHR provides a very useful and a much-needed tool which enables free and easy communication within people in your organization, irrespective of their team, departments, or locations. It not only lets people get to know each other better, but also improves collaborative work. We lovingly call this feature, Streams.



Employees can post their thoughts, some news, an image, or may be an interesting link. Enable meaningful conversations between employees from different teams/departments and even the management. See employee productivity scale new heights by increasing employee engagement.


Use the polls feature of Streams to democratize decision-making. Whether deciding on a new policy or selecting a venue for the next office party, sumHR’s enterprise social network lets you make the decision making process truly democratic and transparent. Decisions of the employees, by the employees, for the employees.


Whether you’d like to know who’s expected in the next meeting, or you’re planning a team outing, just put it up in the Streams, and find out who’s joining. Scheduling events will help employees show their intention about whether they’d be attending the event.


What better way to help teams collaborate than give them their own private space. Create work or interest groups in Streams to enable dedicated and private channels for employees to collaborate within. This way team conversations can stay within teams, and work gets done faster!


Move away from inefficient email-based internal communication to quick, interactive enterprise social communications. Your employees can start private conversations between a small set of team members, without worrying about CCing everyone and straining your email servers.


When posting anything in Streams, you can tag the message with something contextual. This tag can then be modified by others who are part of the conversation. What’s even better, you can search these tags in future, to bring up old conversations for your reference. It can be processes, links, important documents, or anything else.

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