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Major Product Enhancements to Attendance, Leaves, Calendar and Org Structure

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Jay Thaker
April 23, 2013

We know that you were worried about sumHR being in the quiet mode. But we were not! We were busy making gazillion enhancements for you folks. Ok, gazillion might look like an overstatement but yes, we have made several major improvements, including some long pending enhancements to the Attendance & Leave Management features.Below is a comprehensive list of enchantments made with respect to features such as Leave and Attendance Management, Calendar, Directory and Organization Structure:

Attendance Management

1. "Reports For" Filter in Export Data:

A ‘Filter By’ option is added for attendance data export. You can now export attendance information based on individual employees, departments, shifts, and locations.

2. Clock-Out Reminder:

sumHR will send employees a notification email, reminding them IF they 'forgot' to Clock-Out yesterday/last working day. Thanks to this notification, confusion about 'absent' marking can be avoided and fewer employees will give the "forgot to clock out" excuse.

Leave Management

1. "Reports For" Filter in Export Data:

A ‘Filter By’ option is added for leave data export. You can now export leave information based on individual employees, departments, shifts, and locations.

2. Extra Info Description box:

An extra description box added when setting up leave policies. You can now add notes/disclaimers to leave policies, thus enhancing your leave management offering more info to employees.

3. Option to set leave carry forward rules in %:

Option to include information in percentage format added to Unused Leaves Carryover. You now have an option to specify the number of unused leaves carried forward in a percentage format. This will empower your company to make your leave structure more flexible.

4. Public Holidays for specific office location:

Holidays can now be configured as per the office locations.

5. Minor bug fixes:

holiday changes and attendance logs - when dates of public holidays are changed by admins after the holiday has already passed, the attendance log is synchronized and updated.

carryover option and pro-rating leaves.


  1. The Calendar no longer shows ‘Pending Leaves’.

Organization Structure

  1. Define company structure: from the admin section, now you can create an organized company structure. You can create Business Units, under them you can add Departments, and finally you can select which Designation (job title) falls under which Department.
  2. Organization Structure: Earlier you could only see the reporting hierarchy, but now you can actually see your company's organization structure, in "Business unit" >> "Department" >> "Designation" view.


In the Directory, you can now directly update designations and business units

  1. for multiple employees using 'Select a Bulk Option' button.
  2. for individual employees using 'More Options' button.

Employee Welcome Email

  1. Content changes made to the welcome email text to make your HRM system (sumHR, of course) more appealing to your employees.

Yes, these are quite a lot of enhancements in one shot compared to our usual standards, but hold on to your horses, there's more coming in the next few days. This is just one of several such feature enhancement releases we'll be announcing.But we're sure that these changes, especially to the attendance and leave management features will definitely make your life easy. Feel free to share any feedback using the comments section below.

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Jay Thaker
Jay is the founder at sumHR, an HR Software which helps organisations automate their HR operations and provide employees with a memorable HR experience.
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