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How fun activities at the workplace can help boost employee morale!


Offering enjoyable workplace activities to your staff will make them happier workers. Not only do team-building activities provide an enjoyable vacation from work, but they also increase employee morale, foster competitiveness, teamwork, and creativity, and aid in enhancing communication abilities. Many managers or HRs have been experimenting with entertaining methods and concepts to boost employee morale, and many have found favor with both employees and managers. After all, happier people work more, right?

sumHR, an HR management software, which has one of the best payroll software in India has created a list of suggestions that might help brighten employees’ spirits and increase their engagement at work because many executives are looking for innovative methods to improve employees’ morale such as virtual events, personal events, and more. So, let’s get to a few fun, hassle-free activities and creative morale boosters to improve employee morale.

Boost Employee Morale: Try These Fun, Hassle-free Activities 

Numerous strategies exist for raising morale at work. The options are limitless and range from traditional board games and virtual team-building games to team building activities. These enjoyable employee engagement techniques allow people to express themselves, be creative, and work together. They consequently strengthen the sense of community. Employees will feel they can be themselves while still fitting in with the group, even on remote teams.

Look for team-building exercises and incorporate that into a company’s values and culture that emphasizes cooperation and communication. Workers benefit from learning how to communicate with one another, which boosts productivity. Morale building activities like lunch-and-learns that highlight undiscovered abilities and interests are also excellent. These activities are possible by HR tools’ best practices.

Some of the fun activities to boost employee morale are discussed below –

  • Team-building Activities

Exercise is a fantastic mood enhancer, but getting motivated to go to the gym is frequently tricky. People are more accountable when they exercise with others, and team-building exercises are excellent for getting everyone sweaty. Virtual events can be done for remote teams to encourage creative juices, virtual team-building games and more. Also, the activity’s physical and social components will increase the workers’ happy-brain-chemical levels.

Coworkers can also motivate one another and improve the desire to exercise. Another fantastic motivation and excellent afternoon pick-me-up are to give a fitness challenge or to end the workout with healthy food like smoothies or fresh veggies.

  • Naps

While getting enough sleep improves well-being, little sleep might make you irritable and make it harder to handle stress. By including a nap allowance in your policy, you enable staff members the flexibility to take extra naps when they’re most required, which also results in employee happiness.

You can give your coworkers a two- or three-hour window once or twice a year so they can leave the office or hide out in the break room and get some rest leading to better employee morale. You can also permit team members to set an away message and get some rest if they work from home.

Providing naps to your remote teams is another great option. The few hours of lost time will be compensated for by increased production and employees’ gratitude, which will ultimately be advantageous to the business.

  • Round of Applause

Employee recognition has the power to inspire and increase morale. This should also be incorporated into the company culture. So, try giving staff members a round of applause to recognize achievements and enhance the environment. You can share accomplishments during meetings, or virtual events and invite others to applaud, and with sumHR HRMS, performance appraisal software, it becomes easy to conduct employee recognition.

Even the most unexceptional events might elicit cheers, such as, “We all made it to Thursday! Installing Clap-o-meter app on your smartphone will allow you to rate the audience’s applause for greater enjoyment. Please feel free to request a second round if the preliminary findings are disappointing. Similar to smiling or laughing, clapping and applause can make individuals happier, whether they are justified in doing so or not.

  • Plan Comedy Events

We all like a good laugh. It’s a clever idea to increase engagement and morale at work by hiring a comedian for an entertaining hour-long performance. A comedy night will make the atmosphere more enjoyable, improve their attitude, and will lead to positive employee morale. Also, don’t forget to give the funny individuals in the office a few minutes on stage if you have any!

  • Set Up Indoor Games

Indoor competitions and activities encourage cooperation, pique amusement, and raise spirits. Therefore, allowing your staff to engage in a friendly competitive setting will accomplish the task. Plan indoor activities like Treasure Hunt and Don’t Smile. If you can, form teams from several departments to increase enjoyment and reduce employee turnover.

Do you want to raise the excitement? Declare that a trophy will be given to the victorious squad. Choose games like Skribbl with the same ethos if your staff still works remotely.

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  • Pet a Pet

Animals instantly improve your mood. Even the sternest coworker might break down when holding a dog. You can bring animals to your workplace to cheer up your coworkers and offer much-needed animal therapy.

Allow coworkers to bring their adorable pets to work, or arrange for a local animal organization, such as a cat shelter, dog pound, or bird sanctuary, to bring fluffy or feathery animals to your facility. With the help of HR Management Software, you can decompress to your remote teams by viewing a live animal stream or showcasing each other’s pets during video calls.

  • Host a Dancing Virtual Events

Tension can be brought on by stressful days, and sitting all day might make your team uneasy. A spontaneous dance party solves both issues. You can take a rest, turn up the music, and get your gang to bust a move. Just enter an office, shut the door, turn on the music, and let your inner rhythm monster go.

If you are serious about your music, you may get a Bluetooth speaker or less, even though most laptop or phone speakers are of high enough quality for the occasion. Dance parties are excellent ways to increase morale for remote employees and teams altogether.

You can groove on music, schedule a meeting online, or send a message to your virtual coworkers to relieve stress or boredom.

  • Take Volunteering Initiative

One of the quickest ways to assist yourself is to help others. Scientific research has demonstrated that giving to others boost employee morale and mental health. Through volunteering, people feel fulfilled, connected to others, and have a purpose. Team-building exercises that involve community service are also helpful.

You can also volunteer in many different ways with your team to boost employee morale. You can either shorten the campaign to just one day of volunteering, or it can endure a long time, like a month-long fundraising event. You and your team could even take part in a brief spur-of-the-moment charitable activity, like picking a cause and making individual donations or running errands for visually impaired persons.

  • Promote “AFK” (Away from Keyboard) Breaks

According to a Harvard Business Review-led survey, only 1 in 5 employees are likely to leave their offices for lunch on time, and the majority of them try to stay at their desks as much as possible. For this reason, many HR professionals and managers advise their workers to take lunch and/or tea breaks away from their desks.

Taking periodic pauses from one’s desk also increases productivity, reduces negative impact, creativity, and focus. As a result, this is one of the simplest ways to increase the motivation and engagement of the workers at work. Through hr management tools, you can also track their time, so that you can promote AFK breaks effectively.

  • Observe Work Anniversaries or Birthdays through HRMS

Not only is it important to commemorate staff birthdays, anniversaries and other social events, but failing to do so can be nearly as demotivating. Employees feel like cogs in the system when their special days are disregarded.

They start to believe that they are only valued as a tool for generating output and not as an individual. And that may cause morale and dedication to drop. Improving employee morale Employees feel more motivated when HRs and managers take the time to recognize milestones and special occasions at work. With the help of SumHR, top hr software, businesses can keep track of birthdays, or anniversaries smoothly.

Also, with the help of HR Management Software, you can manage your HR information easily. Observing work anniversaries fosters a sense of community and loyalty among employees and demonstrates the organization’s concern for them. This enjoyable strategy to raise worker morale has been adopted by even small and medium-sized businesses.

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  • Escape Rooms will Raise the Energy

One of the best team building activities is the escape room. Globally, escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular, and employers are using them to increase morale and keep employees happy. Employees that participate in escape rooms spend a set amount of time “trapped” in a room with their coworkers, which leads to happy employees.

Then, in order to escape, they must locate and decipher clues. In these spaces, workers collaborate and divide up duties to solve a conflicted puzzle as a clock ticks away in the background.

Final Thoughts

While the aforementioned suggestions are excellent to boost employee morale and the atmosphere at your workplace. Working with an established employee engagement and wellness HRMS is advised if your objective is to spark a wave of well-being. This is only possible with the best hr software.


. What is the importance of employee morale activities for an organisation?

Employee morale activities are necessary for an organisation to enhance employee engagement, job satisfaction, employee retention, and overall productivity.

2. What workplace relationships contribute to poor employee morale?

Companies must avoid these workplace activities to prevent poor employee morale.

  • Providing inadequate performance raises 
  • Not providing appropriate incentives
  • Not empowering employees to handle regular workday problems
  • Not giving employees challenging enough work
  • Showing a lack of trust in employees

3. What are some of the workable morale boosting games to conduct in the workplace?

Try these morale boosting games. 

  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Legos or Puzzles
  • Two Truths and a Lie
  • Volunteering
  • Trivia
  • Board Game Tournaments
  • Kickball

Have you tried out these fun activities at your workplace? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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