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Annual Holiday List: 2018 Plan Your Year In Advance!

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Look how fast 2017 just went! With 2018 kicking, all we want to know is when is the next looonggg weekend coming. Well, we are here to tell you and help you pre-plan your holidays for 2018. With our holiday list for 2018, you can decide when you can pack your bags for outstate holiday or plan just a weekend getaway.

So get ready as we are here to make your year bright with sumHR’s Holiday List 2018.

I guess 2018 is ‘the year’ for us.

With 8 chances to pack for a long holiday.

Months like March, June, September, and December have 5 Saturdays (That means one extra Saturday night to party!) and

Months of April, July, September, and December have 5 Sundays – Just what you needed for that long slumber!

There you go! A beautiful year it is! Thanks to Indian Festivals and more, We have 1 holiday on Monday, 7 holidays on Friday, 2 holidays on Saturday and 5 holidays on Sunday.

Not to forget not one or not three but 8 3-DAY LOOOOONNNGGGG WEEKENDS

Even Republic Day falling on Friday gives you more reasons to be patriotic and resolve to do something more for our country. Kill the bad in you for a longer time and celebrate Dussehra for long. Stay along with your siblings and trouble them a little long by celebrating Bhai Dooj on Friday.

It is good to see that 2018 has a lot of festival leaves on Friday giving everyone a long weekend and more reasons to celebrate. But again a little disappointment for everyone when we look that there are 5 festive – holidays falling on Sunday. (It’s okay, I know you are sobbing too!). But we guess 8 long weekends should sum things up. We only hope that the Monday’s following these 8 weekends would make us feel refreshed than sad for going back to the office on a Monday!

But if you are a smart employee (we know you are and that’s why you are reading this!) you can use the sumHR app to balance your working days, earned leaves or your swap days with our sumHR software.

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Use sumHR’s app to make your year better to balance your leaves and to draft letters to your HR to apply for leaves. Lo, behold! sumHR’s 3.0 will come in 2018 making it one of the best years in your life to erase your HR Management worries.

If you’re an HR who’s about to be swarmed with leave requests for all or most of these customizable long weekends, try out sumHR for better leave tracking and leave management. Give us a call on +91 922 221 3195 / +91 922 221 3191. You can also visit for a 7-day trial of all of sumHR’s features for free.


If you’re an employee who’d like to have this list of public holidays in India in 2017 handy and always be able to easily apply for leaves, refer us to your HR and get paid at the same time too. Simply visit our refer and earn page and we’ll take care of the rest.With holiday list of 2018, don’t forget to be productive and have a successful 2018!

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