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Applicant Relationship Management (ARM)
One of the key elements of creating an excellent employer brand equity is showing care for candidate who may or may not be suitable for your vacancies. In the rush to close positions and tick things off the recruitment checklist, many companies their recruiters often neglect the importance of communicating with candidates in a professional and empathetic manner. Well, you've heard of Customer Relationship Management, now we present to you our version of the CRM from an Applicant's perspective. Meet, sumHR's ARM software (Applicant Relationship Management).
Features for a smooth life
Unlimited email response templates

Often candidates patiently wait or anxiously worry about the status of their applications. Using sumHR, create unlimited email templates that give your company a voice and allow you to keep update candidates through their recruitment journey and CRM.

Trigger-based candidate responses for great CRM

Recruiters turn to technology is to speed up their processes without adding more workload. That's precisely the objective of our trigger-based candidate responses which automatically notify applicants about the status of their applications.

Talent pool / candidate database

As they say, 'never say never', we too believe that even if you find candidates unsuitable for your current job vacancies, don't miss the opportunity strengthen your potential talent pool by saving them to your ever-growing CV database.

Personalized canned responses

Sending emails is a great way to communicate, personalizing your emails can make a great impression in candidate's minds. Use several data points from the candidate profile and add a personal touch to your recruitment email templates.

Configurable tags for segmentation

With hundreds of candidates on your screen, it can be tedious to segregate them into groups for efficiency. But with our flexible tagging system, your recruitment team can configure tags for better segmentation of candidates in your pipeline.

Profile notes for future reference

It'd be impractical to memorize every important piece of info about the several candidates you interact with daily. Instead, use our notepad feature on every candidate's profile that helps you refer back to useful knowledge when needed.

Essential features
Capture key candidate details

Once a candidate lands on your career site, why make it curmbersome for them to apply by sending separate emails, right? Applicants can use our intuitive application form that collects key candidate info for your ease of recruitment.

Candidate search

Remember the name but can't find the email ID? Got a mobile number but don't know the candidate's name? Just do a quick search on your candidate pool using either name, phone number or email ID and we'll find the one for you.

Filter candidates by jobs

Want to revisit a bunch of candidates on a previously vacant job you had posted? No sweat! You easily filter down to all the candidates who ever applied for a past job posting which may or may not be active any longer.

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