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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Applying for jobs is becoming easier than ever, driving hoards of irrelevant and unfiltered applications your way. Keep your sanity while sifting through hundreds of CVs can be tough to deal with. While we can't control how many candidates land in your inbox (yet), we can help you organize your hiring process and collaborate more effectively with your hiring managers in order to close positions faster and better. With a built-in ATS (applicant tracking system) within your HRMS, you'll not find a fuller HR solution out there.
Features for a smooth life
Configurable recruitment pipeline

Not every job or department would require the same recruitment pipeline to guide the recruiters forward in the hiring process. No problem at all, go right ahead. Declutter and streamline your process by creating unique pipelines for each need.

Kanban view

Nothing works better than the Kanban View when it comes to a pipeline process. So, we present to you sumHR's Kanban recruitment pipeline system. Enjoy the overview and help your recruiters focus on closing positions not sorting emails.

Customize hiring stages

While we've given you the presets to save your time, your needs may require customizations too. Worry not! We've made room for you to add multiple stages to each pipeline. Go on, customize your hiring pipeline just as it suits you.

Applicant activity timeline

Candidates goes through many touch-points and your recruitment team also makes notes or take actions at every stage in your hiring process. This ATS maps all that to into a recruiter-friendly timeline view of the candidate's journey with your company.

Feedback collaboration

Collect feedback from multiple hiring managers involved on a hiring plan to get a fuller picture about the candidates fitment for the job. See all feedback within a single view, giving you a concise but effective information.

Net candidate score

Get a median average score of all the feedback scores from multiple hiring managers & recruiters who may be involved on a candidates evaluations. It's just like the NPS, our version is called NCS (net candidate score).

Essential features
Predefined hiring stages

Jumpstart your hiring goals and don't waste time figuring out the hiring pipeline. We've built-in 6 predefined hiring stages that go well with most job categories. Now you can speed up your recruitment and ease up your workload.

Deactivate unused pipelines

Don't be stuck with something you don't need any more. Once you're done with a hiring campaign or if you've created a pipeline that no longer serves your needs, you can easily deactivate the pipeline and avoid any confusing in future.

Copy pipelines

Many of your hiring campaigns may be similar in nature but not exactly the same, right? If that's the case, you can save yourself a bulk of work by simply copying a tried-n-tested pipeline to kick-off your design plans on the next pipeline.

Internal notes on applicants

As a job application moves forward from one stage to another, assessments made can help in taking hiring decisions. Don't lose it all in your mind or on scribbled papers. Add internal notes to help each other in the hiring process.

Collaborative hiring

Enable collaborative hiring processes by including multiple participants in a hiring pipeline

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