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Job seekers today don't just look at job description, they review your website's careers section and also evaluate your value proposition for their careers. Your employer brand is what drives them in or pushes them away, when it comes to this. This means, your employer branding is now more important than ever, as your HR recruitment team fights the talent wars in search of the best candidates. It's our goal to help you put your best foot forward by ensuring you create amazing first impressions and attract the right attention to the benefits of working in your organization.
Features for a smooth life
Beautiful career site for HR recruitment

Get a readymade, comprehensive and configurable career site which highlights the best of your company. We've designed it in a way that present a professional yet attractive outlook about your company so that candidates are left impressed when they walk in for HR recruitment.

Mix of 7 employer branding sections

Taking configurability to the next level, you can not only pick and choose from a mix of 7 unique sections across the site, you can also set the tone and theme by way of content and images that support the vision you have of your career site.

Talent pool / candidate database

As they say, 'never say never', we too believe that even if you find candidates unsuitable for your current job vacancies, don't miss the opportunity strengthen your potential talent pool by saving them to your ever-growing CV database.

Essential features
No-code configurability

When you hear a 'career site' you probably think it will be tech-stuff, right? No! It's as simple as drafting an saving a word document. All you need to do is fill in the blanks. We've made sure that it's easy to set-up and classy to look at.

Reorder sections on the page

Some prefer to talk 'About us' before talking about the benefits, and some highlight 'Our values' right on top before getting to 'Who we are'. Whatever is your preference, you can design the order of each of the 7 sections as you wish.

Text customization

Good content about career prospects of working in your organization can make a strong impact on the candidate's decision to apply for a job. While we can't write the words for you, we can definitely give you tools to do great editing for the best possible HR recruitment.

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