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Comprehensive Employee Data management

Gone are the days when just a plain little excel spreadsheet would be enough for maintaining basic employee data management. Today, organizations are adopting best HR practices which require storing in-depth employee database with multiple data points ranging from personal details, banking details, medical history, skills honed, languages known, past work-experience, current and permanent addresses, and a lot more! This data can lead to defining a more inclusive and contextual set of HR policies which are sensitive to employees.

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Popular features
Data-rich employee profiles

We bet you’ve not seen any employee-profiles more comprehensive than ours. We understand the importance of employee data management.
5 categories of information, 15 types of data sets and innumerable data points make sumHR’s employee profiles, the industry’s more data-rich Employee Database systems.

Addresses & contact info

Employees often migrate from their hometowns to big cities for jobs and that’s why for HR teams it’s important to have both their addresses (current & permanent) on file. Your employees can not only store multiple addresses but also provide variety of contact information, all in one place.

Employment docs & HR files

An HR process without documents is unimaginable, similarlay an employee profile without HR documents is unimaginable too! You or even employees can upload all important and necessary HR/non-HR documents into their profile page for easy access and convenience.

Essential features
Past work experience

The previous work experience of an employee can help you define their current work role and responsibilities. Employees can update each of their past job details, not limited but only the positions but also including the tenure of work, location where they worked as well.

Education & qualifications

Many jobs require certain level of educational qualification (eg. doctors), that’s why we’ve ensured your employees can specify academic milestones by filling in each education qualification with details like level of study, institution name, university, major subject and even the tenure of study.

Medical history

Allow employees to share their medical history so that you can design better medical benefits. Be prepared for urgent care in cases of health emergencies during work. This could especially be useful when working with senior aged employees or work that carries certain health risks.

Dependents & family

Store information of employees’ dependents not only for insurance purposes but also for emergency contacts and other uses. Employees can enlist dependents like mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, son, daughter, partner, and even in-laws with their contact info and birth dates.

Skills & languages

Employees can update their profiles with their skills (and rate themselves too) so that if there are special/new projects, you can easily identify relevant talent from inside your company, rather than looking elsewhere. Similarly, employees can update their language abilities too!

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