Step up your game with HR analytics & insightful HR dashboards

sumHR’s new HR Analytics module provides you more comprehensive and analytical data – helping HR teams and management make important decisions based on real insights. This new feature offers an HR dashboard for employees, managers and administrators. Employees can view their stats, analytics and detailed insights based on their role in the organization with sumHR’s HR Analytics software.



Employees can view snapshots of their trends, attendance logs, leave statistics, habits, ranking, etc via this HR dashboard. Employees can also keep a track of their colleagues’ leave status for the respective months.


Managers can get an overview of their leaves & reportees’ attendance with an HR analyris report. Information that will be displayed in the HR Analytics module will focus on helping managers identify employees’ performances.


Administrators can have a bird’s-eye-view of all the basic HR activities and HR data on this page with employee reports. This HR dashboard also reflects the numbers of employees on notice and F&F, new joinees , daily attendees, confirmed employees, leave trends, etc.


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