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Top 5 things you should look for in an Attendance Software for your organization

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Jay Thaker
July 28, 2016

We are in an era where “Startups” are now becoming Small and Medium Enterprises. For business owners, it can be a mundane task to keep track of employees' time and attendance. So, the focus is towards a good automated attendance software and biometric system.

Here, we give you a clear picture of what you need to know about an automated attendance monitoring system before you invest in one for your business.

5 things your organization’s Attendance Software should have!

The following five features should be given utmost priority when it comes to choosing the right Attendance Software for your organization:

5 things your organization’s Attendance Software should have!

#1. Eliminating proxy attendance

The basic foundation of your attendance software should be that proxy attendance and any attendance manipulation must be negated. Biometric attendance system is very advantageous for organizations because they make the process of tracking employee’s attendance and punctuality very simple and easy. The most important benefit of using a biometric attendance system is that it helps the organization to avoid “buddy punching” (one employee punches in/out for another employee on their behalf) or “ghost workers” (a manager creates a fake employee which exists only on papers and even submits their timesheets as if they had actually worked).

sumHR biometric attendance systems allow employees to log their 'in & out' times and also lets the organization restrict access to the premises. These affordable biometric devices easily store up to 2,000 to 3,000 fingerprint templates and 1,00,000 transaction records.

#2. Real-time data

Primarily, a good time and attendance software should allow employees to clock in and out electronically via time clocks, internet-connected computer or mobile devices. Organizations require real-time data on who is and isn’t working, who showed up late and who is nearing overtime, etc., which makes employee management easier.

It is desired of an attendance software to provide detailed information in real-time, which will give the organization an edge in report generation (based on latest data), verification purposes (eliminating the wait-time in receiving updated data) and so on.

#3. Reducing Payroll errors

One of the most essential features of the attendance software is that it should track the hours worked by the employees in real time from virtually anywhere. It should also automatically manage paid time off, vacation and time-sheet approvals and integrate with payroll services. This sort of automation of data, reduces the resources necessary to process payroll and eliminates clerical and data-entry errors which ensures maximum benefits for the organization.

sumHR enables the HR personnel to perform payroll processing with reduction (or even devoid) of any such errors.

Experience Precise & Real-Time Attendance Monitoring

#4. Cost-effective

A biometric attendance system is considered to be an optimal-cost tool because, fingerprint readers are less expensive when compared to the conventional RFID / Chipcards (as they incur additional costs in case of a loss/misplacement). Some experts are of the opinion that businesses can save almost 5-8 percent of their payroll costs by the use of a biometric based automated time and attendance software.

sumHR has partnered with a leading biometric device manufacturer and hence, it brings these devices at a special price for the customers.

#5. Eliminating data manipulation

It might be quite surprising to know that “time and in/out fraud” is prevalent across more workplaces than we can think of. Providing false time records (some employees come to work late, some leave early and some might not show up to work at all), not clocking out for unpaid breaks and inaccurate time-sheets pose a serious problem for the business, especially those that charge clients based on the number of man-hours put in by the team.

Also, if the systems depend upon the Chipcards etc, they can be easily given to others to be logged on their behalf. But how could you possibly share your fingerprints? This is where a biometric attendance system will be of immense help to the organization.

sumHR uses biometrics to register attendance and leaves of employees and therefore makes the task of keeping track of employee activities simple for the organization.

sumHR’s Biometric system based Attendance Software offers our customers all the features discussed above. It also integrates with most existing systems that an organisation may be using. Being cloud-based, the infrastructure costs are reduced and data backups and security are well taken care of.

You can try out sumHR for FREE right here!

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