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Managing Different Types of Employees Using HR Software: for Startups / SMBs


Workplaces all over the world have seen a huge change in the way they do business, and also in the manner, they manage their human capital. The world has become a small place, thanks to the internet. 

As the demand and supply of good talent becomes more dynamic, organizations, especially startups and small businesses who usually offer more flexibility to employees, such as allowing them to work from home or bring them on board as freelancers. In addition, full-time employees, who coordinate with these teams, too have to be managed.


So, how can startups use HR software for managing teams and freelancers/consultants?

Work From Home

Job seekers prefer organizations that allow them to work from home, one of the main reasons being a good work-life balance. Though a great thing to offer employees, this arrangement brings its own sets of challenges. However, using HR software like sumHR, you can effectively manage this kind of a workforce. The HR personnel can use the Attendance feature and enable work from home employees to log in attendance, and thus keep a track of the time spent on work. 

Though work from home employees usually come to office for monthly meetings, you can use the Streams feature to keep them updated about the regular events that they might want to attend. These employees can also make good use of the Directory feature to find the contact details of other employees in the company to coordinate with them whenever needed. You can also keep a track of the employee salaries, using the Employee database feature.

Freelancers/ Consultant

Offices these days can’t do without freelancers and consultants, as it is a win-win situation for both. Managing freelancers is no easy task as they are spread out across geographies in certain cases. Using HR software, a startup or a small business can easily manage this kind of a workforce. For example, sumHR enables you to not only have different departments but also keep an entry as self-service or non-self service. 

Thus, you can easily manage the salaries of consultants, and even freelancers wherever required. Startups can also use the Groups feature to keep the communication going. This would also enable the freelancers to communicate with each other and have an office-kind of a feel, even though it’s virtual.

Of course, it goes without saying that sumHR is an awesome tool for HR managers of small businesses and startups to manage their in-house employees. Feel free to share your inputs about managing your work from home personnel.

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Team sumHR

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