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Roles & Responsibilities of HR Managers in Startups, SMEs & Growing Organizations

role of hr manager

1. What Are Human Resources?

A company’s human resources department finds, vetting, employs and educates potential employees. It also manages employee benefit plans. In the twenty-first century, human resources play a critical role in assisting businesses in dealing with new-age techniques, a rapidly changing business climate and a greater need for quality people.

No matter the company’s size, having an HR department is essential. This is because it increases employee productivity and harmony with legal guidelines, safeguarding the organisation from any people-related problems that may develop in the workplace.

2. Human Resources Significance In A Business

Employees are the bedrock of every successful organisation, which is why human resource management (HRM) is highly important. The HR department ensures that employees feel protected, appreciated, and supported. Excellent human resource management ensures the HR department runs smoothly with strategic management and stays updated with the latest technology. The HR department assists in managing the company’s risk. Most human resource managers are well-versed in corporate law, ethics, statistics, conflict management and problem-solving, offering advice when solicited.

3. What is the role of an HR manager in Company?

By managing your company’s most precious asset – its personnel – an efficient human resources (HR) management department may assist in organisational culture, structure, and the capacity to satisfy business functions and demands. The HR function comprises several specialities. Human resource managers in smaller firms may handle more than one of the five major duties: employee remuneration and benefits, training and development, compliance, and workplace safety.

4. Job Summary of an HR manager

  • Be able to create and implement policies that support your employer’s business objectives after having a good grasp of them.
  • Create job advertisements, person specs, and job descriptions.
  • Examine application forms, make a short list, conduct interviews, choose the winning applicant or candidates, and notify the failed candidates.
  • Plan and occasionally execute training, including new staff inductions, to ensure that the correct people are hired, developed and retained at the organisation.
  • Advise on salary and other perks and deal with administration-centred operations and staff welfare
  • Handle redundancy programmes and conduct salary reviews
  • Implement planning and strategy-related tasks and create plans to fulfil current and future staffing needs
  • Create and put into effect policies for things like working conditions, performance management, equal opportunity, disciplinary actions, and absence management.
Role Of HR Manager at SME, Startups and All Organizations

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5. What Are an HR Manager’s Responsibilities?

  • Develop and implement HR initiatives and strategies consistent with the overall company plan.
  • Strengthen management-employee relationships by responding to requests, grievances, human resource planning or other difficulties.
  • Have complete control over the employment process.x
  • Meet current and future corporate expectations through developing, engaging employee motivation and retaining human capital.
  • Create a positive work environment with workplace policies.
  • Maintain the perks and payment schedules.
  • Examine and monitor the training needs for a programme.
  • Maintain legal compliance at all times when handling human resources.

6. How to Become an HR Manager 

The initial requirement for any degree or programme in human resources is completing an HRM diploma. You can even seek a bachelor’s in business administration degree. After passing an admission test, you can enrol in a dual-degree programme, such as MBA. You should try your knowledge and skills in an internship or part-time job when out of college. After gaining relevant experience, apply for jobs in the HR field to ultimately become an HR manager.

7. What Important Courses And Training Are Necessary For HR? 

Being an HR manager requires constant learning and development. You could learn a lot about the industry by enrolling in certification programmes. Given the rising need for HR managers in the industry, enrolling in the specialised leadership and management courses online by Emeritus India will give you a great opportunity to further your HR management career.

8. Job Description & Templates 

The job description templates for an HR manager below are simple to adapt for your business and are designed for publishing on internet job boards or careers portals. A job description template makes it easier to communicate requirements for the position and recruit qualified candidates for the HR department.

A. Recruiter

“We are looking for a highly driven recruiter. In our search for the smartest and brightest employees, you will be the first layer to create recruitment objectives and goals for company culture, along with the following responsibilities.

  • Find the best individuals by scanning resume databases.
  • Write and edit job descriptions.
  • Examine applications to see if candidates fulfil the demands of the role.
  • Conduct interviews with applicants using the right techniques and framework.
  • Create a weekly report for the tasks that have been finished or are currently being worked on.”

B. Executive Recruiter

“We are seeking a seasoned Executive Recruiter. You will assist in sourcing people with high potential and guiding them to successful placements, along with the following duties.

  • Develop candidate personas, write job descriptions, and scout and document applicants as needed.
  • Examine applicants’ backgrounds, goals, and personalities.
  • Conduct interviews and submit the results and shortlists to the Hiring Manager.
  • Make suggestions for improving the recruitment of manpower in the organisation.
  • Find new clients for the agency while maintaining current ones.”

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9. 5 Interview Questions You Must Ask 

Here are the top 5 interview questions and sample responses you might ask during the initial round of the recruiting process.

  1. What made you submit an application for this job? / Why did you apply for this job?
  2. What work experience required by this role do you have?
  3. Tell me about your previous experience.
  4. What spoke the most to you about the job description?
  5. What is your reason for quitting your present job? / What is your reason for leaving your prior job?

10. When And How to Recruit HR Manager For Your Business 

There is no clear answer to the question of when a company should recruit an HR manager. The window might change based on the sector, payroll, growth pace, leave trackingmonitoring, strategic planning, and company workload. Instead, use these clues to determine when hiring a specialised HR professional is appropriate.

a. When business jobs grow more specialised.

The overall organisation of your company is one clue of when you might require a professional HR manager. As a company grows, its employees frequently transition from general jobs focused on required activities to more specialised roles and tightly focused divisions. As a result of this transformation, it makes sense to establish an HR department.

According to Doug Coffey, a human resources specialist and assistant teaching professor at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations, this is the most important cue.

b. When the company reaches a specific number of employees.

A company can also determine a company’s requirement for an HR manager by achieving a certain number of employees, such as 50 or 100. The reason for this is companies with fewer employees may handle specific HR operations on their own. However, this becomes difficult as the number of employees increases.

c. When prioritising revenue above HR duties might improve bottom-line results.

Tracking the time you spend on HR-related chores and considering if it would be preferable to use that time to expand the business are two more ways to decide whether you may benefit from a full-time HR professional. When managing HR operations demands too much of a business owner’s time, it may be time to add a dedicated HR manager to the team.

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While HR is a vast arena, often there are issues that are addressed by the HR that do not seem documented in their job profile, yet very critical to their portfolio.

Roles like advisory, facilitator, spokesperson, welfare, organizational development, counsellor and motivator come in the purview of an HR profile. The seamless transitions that we see the HR performing are intertwined with handling the employee aspect of the organizational requirements.


How does an HR manager qualify as an advisory?

An HR manager is well versed with all the employment laws, disciplinary actions and a lot of other legalities that is needed on many crucial matters.

How would you classify an HR's role in an organization?

The HR department in an organization has a variety of responsibilities that can be grouped into four categories: administrative, operational, strategic, and people-centric.

  • Administrative tasks include maintaining employee records and ensuring that legal requirements are met. Operational tasks involve managing day-to-day HR operations, such as hiring and onboarding new employees.
  • Strategic responsibilities include developing long-term HR plans that align with the organization's goals and objectives. Lastly, the people-centric role involves promoting a positive workplace culture, employee engagement, and overall well-being.

Each of these roles is essential to creating a supportive and effective HR function within the organization, which ultimately contributes to the success of the business and the happiness of its employees.

Why HR Department is at the core of facilitating services?

The HR department is connected to every department and is well updated on their needs. They are at the core of the organization making the different requests and demands workable and hence the facilitators.

What is the role of HR in organizational development?

Organizational Development is a planned and strategic approach that keeps the company's goals and mission in mind. It involves aligning the workforce, resources and other activities in the fulfilment of the goals.

What is an HRMS? What is the role of HR in the HRMS?

Human Resource Management System basically comprises of activities like – Staffing, recruitment, selection, policy formation, training, retention and compensation. The HRMS is an ideal ecosystem specific to the company and created by HR.

What is the utility of HR software?

HR software eases the workflow, avoids duplicity, eliminates human errors, and saves time. It is a paperless process that can be integrated across different system and departments. The HR data can also be restored on a cloud network for wide geographical accessibility. HR software comes to streamline and facilitate work for HR.

How does an HR role in an SME differ from bigger companies?

HR role in SME's is restricted to customary activities. There is no inclination towards employee engagement, organizational development, soft skills training, or employee benefits. In some SME's the payroll, the function is also taken care of by the finance department.

How has the pandemic brought a change in the role of HR?

Until the pandemic and the lockdown, work from home was a special feature available to select employees. Today, work from home is a norm, and HR has to work around policies to accommodate this new working style. Salary and appraisal parameters and much needs to be reworked in the light of the COVID-19 situation.

How is the HR instrumental in decision making towards organizational growth?

The HR managers are core decision-makers for a lot of crucial activities around recruitment, compensation, benefits, policies, disciplinary action, vendor registration and removal, retrenchment, budgetary aspects and a lot more strategic management.

How is the HR function important as compared to the other functions?

The HR function is the epicenter of the organization and all other functions and activities are linked to it. They are responsible for people management, people who are part of every function and hence a mandate in every organization.

How to determine an HR Manager's pay scale?

In India, the salary of an HR manager starts at INR 2.8 lakh per year. To be an HR Manager, you must have a minimum of three years of experience. A human resources manager may make up to INR 17.4 lakh annually. The salary must be determined by years of experience, workforce handled and educational background.

Why are HR managers crucial to a company?

A human resources department ensures the well-being of its staff. The firm and its employees may minimise conflict and insecurity with effective HR management, which ensures that workplace regulations stay up with essential protective measures and execution and offer solutions to problems amongst team members.

How can HR managers affect how engaged your staff is in your company?

HR promotes a dynamic workplace that values each employee's unique contributions and encourages effective cooperation by creating, executing, and organising employment engagement initiatives. The HR division acts as the gatekeeper for employee engagement by bringing a sense of unity and belongingness among employees and departments.

When should you begin the process of recruiting an HR Manager? 

An HR manager will likely be required when the organisation has 100 or more employees. However, the telltale indicator is when the company begins to specialise in areas like IT, sales, and operations and can afford to set up an entire HR department.
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